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Bill On Bill: Cosby & Maher Drying Alone

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Words are always powerful.

Especially the ones we say under our breath.

Words are gun-like.

CaptureWords are aimed by our intentions and shot with the momentum of our breath. People can die in a hail of bullets sprayed rapidly, intently, and the tone can add nails to the coffin.

Everyone may feel they’re authorized to pull from their arsenal any word they choose and hurl it to suit their needs but they shouldn’t. Much in the same way that taking a gun to the liquor store and demanding cash to buy food to feed your stomach is not the way to go. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There are consequences and rules to this shyt after all.

So what they do? Go and ban the AK

My shit wasn’t registered any fucking way -Ice Cube


Of course, rules are meant to be broken and depending on how your ego is set up, you may see consequences as things less skillful ninjas have to deal with. Just like guns, words are used willy-nilly in this society by unlicensed and unintelligible people all the time. There’s the 4th and 5th amendment to protect these people from prosecution in some cases. But there’s also the court of public opinion horse-powered by social media and these days, the internet is becoming quite the equalizer.

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Comedian and TV host, Bill Maher, recently used the always controversial N word in a punchline to a set-up about joining someone in ‘the field.’ ‘The field? I’m a house nigga,’ answered the white male comedian to a mixed response from the audience. There was laughter that could have been nervous, there was applause, along with an audible silence. The silence was almost morbid like the kind that comes in deliberate moments taken in remembrance of a lost loved one. A funeral-like silence like the one the NAACP had a few years back.

The word nigger has been abused, traded, raped, killed, and resurrected more than any martyr or god. Why Bill felt the need to insert it in the way he did is currently under investigation in the streets. In The Black Freq Sheets however, we are not investigating shyt, but we do have a couple of topics to discuss if you don’t mind screading (scrolling + reading).

KathyGriffinTrumpBeheaded-1-640x480Bill is a comedian and we thought the joke was hilarious here at TBFS, but unfortunately he is the wrong person to tell the joke. Bill Cosby is a black man and also a comedian and we don’t want to speak for him, but we don’t believe he’d tell that joke either. It may have been funnier if he’d just stated, ‘Dam I’m the wrong complexion for this punchline.’ But he didn’t, he dived hair plugs first into that cement wall and here we are discussing how Chance the Rapper wants him fired, Wendy Williams wants an apology, and Ice Cube… well… we’ll see on Friday but hopefully it won’t end with Bill’s decapitated head dripping from Cube’s hand a la Trump and Kathy Griffin.

Hopefully. *sigh

Yes. We did think it was funny. Bill Maher is a comedian and everyone didn’t think it was funny but we did. Hell, Killer Mike did too. We may be the only 2 blacks in cyberspace that would agree but hey… So So What.




And Big whoop, he told a funny joke. But would the joke be funny without the use of the N word? If not the majority of them, there are a lot of black comedians that use the N word. Would they be funny without it? o-0

Bill Cosby, whose sexual assault trail began June 5th, used to tell funny jokes all the time and was staunchly against the use of the N word. Perhaps if Cosby used the N word as opposed to raising objections to their use of it in the manner that he did, he wouldn’t be facing the trial of the decade lonelier than a pussy in a room full of carpet-munchers.


There is a population of black America that seem to believe it is okay for them to use the N word and not okay for whites to use the word. Unfortunately for them, everyone can access the word, even non-blacks and there are oftentimes, few or no consequences to them doing so.

Perhaps the Nigga Ya Love To Hate rapper, Ice Cube, can shine some light on Bill’s slip of the grill and help him with a certain understanding of the matter. Either way we’re here for it and obviously have our own views on the incident.

Who owns it? 0-o

Black people do not own the word. There were white people who expressed hatred towards blacks with that word. There are white people that reverberate those sentiments today. There are black people that cover the N word with brotherly love, trading variants of ‘suhp nekah,’ ‘that’s my nekah,’ and ‘nigga please!’

Now unto them that are able to keep us from falling victim to hypocrisy, we can only hope these words are met with intention upon their reading, hearing, and comprehension. But we can’t guarantee that people will understand what we mean when we write them. We are in control of our mouth and ear gates but we do not control others no matter how much some try.


In conclusion, white people: please stop asking black people if you can say the N word. When you ask for permission to do anything, you’re handing over your power to that person to authorize you. Children do it on purpose. Adults should not. Asking for permission to speak is the role of a subordinate, period. If the person says, ‘Yes, you may,’ then whatever happens next if their fault as they have invited it in.


Say whatever you’d like and be ready for the consequences of your actions. Be ready to face them alone af too.




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