The Black Frequency Sheets

Like we never left,

fresh for Leo Season,



we black.


As if a pony ever stood a chance against a lion, the Detroit Lions played a giant-paw sized drumbeat on them Colts yesterday. If you haven’t joined the Kaepernick-Cott, August the 13th was a pretty serendipitous to put it freqishly. A Lions’ win at the apex of Leo Season? What could be better? It was only pre-season but if you’re from the D and/or rep the lions’ den in general, you celebrated!


With a little more than a month of summer to strike off the old Gregorian, it’s past time for us to get it back tootin’ like we always do it this time. The Black Freq Sheets is back from hiatus to hit you with more facts than affidavits and now, these Sheets righ’ here? We got a whole slew of a crew inside us! #pause …BEHIND US! #pause With us!

All we ever wanted to do was hand out a heaping humpbacked helping of the latest in our personal leolic way annnnnd

…since it juuuuust so happen to be Leo Season, this was as good as time as any to be black!

But you know we had to freq it with some unique ish so here comes that special turn we always tend to take when gearing to shake shyt up…



This is Cecil…




Vocal power-house, here to excite the masses with inspirational music and soul-seasoning performances, Cecil Thornton is a gifted and rising Gospel sensation. It was only right for us to set it off the re-year with something special. Cecil’s voice is nacho-layered with flavor that will ignite whatever passion lies within and stir it to a cool burn.

Life can be hard and sometimes we just need something to relax our minds and soothe our souls.

cecilWhat you do with that fire is up to you. Cecil is simply the conveyor of choice in the matter of your soul. “My music encourages and helps to soothe others. I’ve sung since a child and noticed how my voice would bring about a calmness in others. It brings me joy to know that others are touched by the music I sing and create,” offered Cecil, in an exclusive purple-evening interview with TBFS.

“If it was left up to me I would just work my day job and be content,” laughed the guru of Gospel, “but this is definitely a calling. I have to get this music to those who will receive it.”

And we will it!

Check out the forthcoming full-length interview ONLY in the TBFS with the sultry, soulful voice of Cecil Thornton with full details of his upcoming appearances and more!


We all have unique aspects about us but many are not willing to embrace those aspects.


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