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Finally! Freddy Vs. Jason Drops Friday… WE HOPE!

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That’s it!

The incredibly Iverson-like F-A-B and lyrically crazy Kiss comes with the very, very long awaited Freddy Vs. Jason joint that apparently had to go by another name for legal reasons. Whatever. We really don’t give af for the fact that FAB AND KISS ARE TOGETHER ON WAX!


Give thanks! The two lyrically towers are really pulling the trigger on the mixtape, album or whatever tf this time!

We hope.

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We were hoping for a long time. Fabolous did his part by dropping SummerTime Shootout Mixtape volumes faithfully in the winter and of course Jada reunited with his D Block potnas to bless us with a afternoon in mid-2017.

But there’s been rumors of wars for years and years. When the two hip-hop legends appeared on Angie Martinez’s Power 105.1 radio show early November 2017, the buzz was reawakened. Still few believed the hype until the two began to appear more frequently as a duo in interviews and now it is undeniable. Freddy Vs. Jason is here!




Although, they apparently changed the name of the project for legal reasons, real heads know. #tru


No way are we not all the way hand raised, chest out, feet planted tf here for the razor sharp legendary pocket precision of this couple’s couplets but The Black Freqs and every heavy hip-hop lover can finally stop salivating this Friday. The wait is supposedly over!




Fabolous & JadaKiss swore up and down on multiple media outlets that the day after Turkey day is it! The album drops in whatever form and under whatever name THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2017!

But the skepticism and side-eyeing continues… REALLY FAB? REALLY JADA?

Look forward to Fab collabing with his Supergirl, Lil Mo’ and tracks produced by classic mills like Swizz Beats and The Alchemist. JadaKiss proves to still be your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper after all these decades and we know that won’t change on Friday. We’ll be back to talk about it.

shoesEnjoy Freddy Vs. Jason The Prequel Mixtape til then and ummm… idk, visit The Freq Shop đŸ˜‰ *shrug







They should call me Gangsta Hughes. I write real nicca poems. -Fab


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