TBFS Give Thanks x 10 for 2017

We wondered how Native Americans were celebrating Turkey Day this year.

native america sign.jpg

We wonder that every year actually, but this year we decided to ask a native and found that it was the same thing different perspective. That’s right, life is a matter of perspective and to many Natives, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the spirit of sharing and cultivating civilization in the masses, particularly, those Europeans that settled the Americas in the 15 and 1600s.

Much like the Moors in Spain a short time before, the Natives hold a perspective of providing those foods and medicines that ushered in the modern age. The same age that would see them robbed of many of those same attributes and stripped of their own land. America, the rotten mutt, loves to bite the hand that feeds it, especially here in Minneapolis.

This year, The Black Frequency Sheets are like many that have much to be thankful for and we do give thanks this season. We give thanks for the resource to present our unique perspective on the culture first and foremost.

Next 9 are people that showed themselves extraordinary through action and deed that came to effect our everyday lives and filled us up this year as artists and human beings. In no particular order and for every reason above the sun,

here goes…


9 We give thanks for Killa Cam!

We were seriously missing us some Cam for many years there but luckily for us, he found his way in this modern age to stay hitting us with the occasional Camric gem. As lyrically cosmic of a flow Cam carries, even he will have a hard time topping his flow on Lean, a song reminiscing his childhood with a universal message of hope over oppression. No matter how much his deeps his toe in Reality world ridic, he can’t help to give us the pink plushiness we need exactly when we need it.

(Come back soon for the full coverage of wtf just happened between Cam and Mase and why we believe Cam finished best!)

8 We are thankful for Bill Cosby!

That’s right! If not for Bill, not only would millions of children have grown up fatherless (which is no small statement to make… let’s think about that for a moment.)


but women everywhere may not exercise the current level of courage to reveal their traumatic bouts with sexual harassment and assault in business and other settings. If Bill didn’t spill just enough on the record for many to presume guilt, America would probably not be swimming in the present amount of sex crime swill. It didn’t help that high profile women and celebrities like Janice Dickerson were among accusers. Politicians, Hollywood executives, actors and all sorts of famous folks are being revealed as sexual deviants, the more recent including Kevin Spacey and Senator Al Franken. What the FREQ!

7 Queen Maxine


Essence Magazine recognized her gangsta by pasting her beautiful mug on thousands of magazines covers around the world. We too recognize game in hour fidace that’s both amazing, impactful, productive, creative and resilient! Queen Maxine was our soldier mighty in battle on the frontlines this year just as in those past.

6 is for Sebi!


We give thanks and praise for Dr. Sebi for gracing us all with his nurturing presence and being for some of us, the sole dedicated scholar of African Nutrition for Africans in America.

We came to him how we came to him. We each have our unique journey to the healing world of Dr. Sebi’s instruction and tutelage. However we got there, aren’t we all glad we did. From gallbladder to pineal gland, Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet, nutritional cell foods and salves is one of the best health resources available. This weekend (11/23/17 through Monday) enjoy 20% off the entire site and truly give thanks for the healthy teachings of Dr. Sebi!


to be continued….