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Happy Freqin’ Earthlanding Anniversary Hell RZA

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What we’re going to do is take it back!


Back to the tomorrows of yesteryear when in the beginning was only the word. Enter incalculably entertaining DJ, Hell RZA with his on-time mixtures of metro transient theme music solidly based in Hip-hop.

dj2All the real Freqsters know that Hell RZA has rocked with us since the beginning and since the beginning he’s been hitting us with frequent doses of dopeness broadcast live from across the pond.

From The UK to where  you stay, RZA and his potna in steel wheels, DEF, stay putting us up on what’s ill and refuse to take any shorts with their Waktose Intolent certified playlist.

Not even crumbs for the bums on The STFU Radio Show that we can catch weekly on Mixcloud and trust, besides a few jazzy quips and the occasionally chummy tiff between hosts, it’s a very smooth ride through that real.






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