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Martin Shkreli: The ‘Nothing’ That F*!&%D With The Wu-Tang Clan

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2017 was a rumbling rambunctious rollercoaster and artists were scrambling to portray it with as much detail as artistically possible but there are some understandable misses. That’s okay! We have a few days left and there are somethings TBFS is not willing to let go quietly into the night.
For instance…
Wu-Tang Clan is for the children
Not sure why anyone would ever try to step to the legendary Wu-Tang Clan when their name multigenerationally rang out all across the lands. For some reason there’s always that one roach in the grits, that one splinter in the boywood that can potentially ruin the whole episode.
g2Enter drug company C.E.Ho Martin Shkreli, America’s douche from about 3 or 4 seasons of douches ago. Shkreli’s most memorable hits on the path to villianship include boosting the price of that AIDS drug, Daraprim, by like 5,000% and being the soulless owner of the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album which he copped for a reported 2 M’s. Of course Shkreli wasted no time lauding it over the heads of hip-hop loyalists prompting rap hero, Tony Starks to shine the W in the sky for one more villian.
Mmm hmph. Life has been straight out the comic books ever since they killed Mike. We know.
The internet, namely YouTube, documented the subsequent Ghostface Killah Vs. Shkreli beef in 2016. There were no fatalities except for the hole in Hip-hop left where Once Upon A Time In Shaolin should be.
Shkreli recently sold the album on Ebay for just over a 1 million dollars but as far as Killer Bees fans and TBFS are concerned, somebody need to pay for the pain and suffering of it all and apparently, the universe agrees this person should be effing Shkreli!
It may have been missed in all the crotch grabbing Mrs. Me tooing of 2017 but not only has Shkreli been in jail for months now, but his lawyer may be going right along with him. Yep.
Those freedom bells may not be ringing for a couple of decades for Shkreli who screwed more than sick people with his $500 pills. He f&%k@d Wall Street! Ask Bernie Madoff how many times they’ll let you get away with that shit. smh
On top of the court drama the man with the bounty soft fists faced, Wu-Tang Clan rightfully divided the lyrical math of truth of the cartoonish asswipe that thought it was cool to offer interneters $5,000 per strand of hair they could snatch from Hilary Clinton’s head while on her recent book tour.
The latest Wu album, beyond featuring your favorite rappers favorite mc, Redman, has some ugly face makers that would completely handle the lyrical murder of Shkreli if he was in fact an emcee but unfortunately he’s wasted mind and the American Prison Industrial Complex is stuck with him.
Hopefully, the hip-hop hater won’t surface on YouTube broadcasting live from his cell popping new caca. We have plenty others to deal with in the new year.
I came to bring the pain, hardcore, to the brain. Let’s go inside my astral plane. 
-Method Man for The Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan is for the Children!
-Old Dirty Bastard for The Wu-Tang Clan
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