Shout out to 2018 But TBFS Gives Thanks For All The Rest in 2017

Give thanks for sunsets!
2017 twisted and churned America to an Oz we only seen on TV and now here tf it is! To say the end is near would leave a lot of bobbing heads… to hear Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tell it that is. The great and beautiful struggle rapper, Talib Kweli waxed poetically about all these years comes to mind but the frequency we chose for you to scread to is called Break Ice and comes from our High Priest of Jiggy Behavior, DaKatalyZt.



The internet is under terroristic attack by none other than our own Government, the figure-dickhead of which is drunk on the perception of power and the actuality of idiocy. Women collectively decided Trump was the culmination of a steady trajectory of male dominated, co-signed, and orchestrated destruction of everything sacred and said ‘enough is enough!’ ‘What she said!’ and ‘me too!’
There’s no arguing the awestriking tapestry woven in 2017’s America not only brewed a mean bitches brew but forced fed that funky junk to us and the rest of the world, even smearing a little on Mars… poor Mars. Millennials led the Black Lives Matter charge once more and the FBI responded with a black identity extremist edict that goes a step further in the criminalization of black skin.
Oy ve. 
When we began this grateful train back in November, the goal was to give thanks for a few of the people and events that helped wrinkle our clothes in 2017. The Black Freqs recognize both the good and the majorly messed up experiences not only make us who we are but show us to ourselves. The winter isn’t blue it’s white and the color white infers light. See what we did there?
If not, it’s ok. Keep screading.
It’s not about what we go through but how we go through. Awake? Alert? Active? The more we show ourselves the examples of what we can be, the more we can strive to do better. When you actively participate in your fate, only adventure awaits.
It would appear the Government is the big villain of 2017 but as we all know, things don’t move without a person doing the moving. Surely there is a better way to put that but you get it. If it wasn’t for the duncecap wearing expert elected President, many decisions that have negatively impacted America’s moral this year would’ve been prevented.
If if was a fifth, our vision would be a bit blurry but… you know what? *smdh Why not we burn some keyboard clicks in highlighting the goodness of 2017 cause of course there was plenty of it. No way would the universe dump a load of orange-haired caca del toro on us without rolling it in honey.




TBFS cut-chasing delivery is well documented so here it prose… Let’s give it up for the true superstars of 2017…


Black Women, yellow women, pink ones and all! Women rocked harder than China’s great wall. (Not sure why things rhyme so much in The Sheets but just flow with it if you can). Alabama had us pretty upset to hear Nina Simone tell it but this year women (and men) let their voices be heard and showed up for the Senatorial candidate that was NOT banned from copping an Orange Julius at the local mall because he was always squeezing the Cuties. #Tooeasy
Survivors' march in November 2017 in Los Angelos
Credit Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
Recy Taylor, a black woman raped by 6 white men back in 1955 passed away recently at the age of 97 and that’s not nearly the whole story. The news of a victimized black woman passing away in 2017 reached national attention because the climate has changed dramatically. Recy Taylor lived a life long enough to see the attitudes toward the mal-treatment of women shift grow hostile af.
No time will be spent riffling the ever-growing list of male sex offenders. We will however continue to give thanks for 2017’s biggest winners! It’s enough for us that women are feeling more empowered to use voices way too long stifled, belittled, and otherwise ignored by the powerful. It’s enough for us that the Washington Post is reporting a 10% increase in voiced sexual misconduct allegations in Acadamia alone, this is in addition to the overall rise across sectors including Sports & Entertainment.
It’s enough for us because at the end of the day it’s the principal of the matter. Speaking of which, Jada Kiss and the Fabolous man finally put out their heavy anticipated Freddy Vs. Jason tape to critical acclaim. True heads have barely peeled back the layers of the gangsta couples’ couplets and will be rocking it deep into 2018.
Salvage-the-Bones_featuredWe paid homage to Maxine Waters in our last tribute to 2017 but honestly, there were too many empowering and powerful female voices to do truly do justice which is its own mega feat! Mama’s little coochie star, comedic actress, Tiffany Haddish hit all her high notes in the #1 Comedy movie, Girl Talk and author Jesmyn Ward hit what some can call the ‘nerd lottery’ all they want but a MacArthur Fellowship for 3 quarter mil is highly coveted by all luminaries seeking refuge from the grudge of spirit-crippling adult responsibility to focus on the high art of creation… okay maybe it is a nerd lottery but whatevs.
One thing is for certain, whether we stand tall or fall short, our tests give us that tale to tale. What’s this year’s story now that the sun is setting on 2017? What will be the testament of 2018? What challenges lay ahead and how will we meet them?

Photos generously contributed by DaKatalyZt to The Black Frequency Sheets.


Living in living color… the revolution is televised daily but Gil Scott is still a hero of poets.

-AAAA 2017