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Cracking Black! Tariq, Umar, & Other Coloreds We Wish We Could Hide.

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Warning: This post contains videos of negroes that are definitely subject to be traded in the next racial draft. Do not… we repeat… do NOT get attached.

How long did we REALLY expect the attention to be on philandering white male pervs? This is America people. #NeverForgetOJ



Sooooooooo attention ladies:
In order to ensure the realization of a post-sexist society in the near future, apparently, it’s necessary to suffer a final surge of testosterone fumed, estrogen laced, blazingly-idiotic rhetoric from the fledgling few that you convinced were important when black folks needed someone… anyone. Change is almost always never easy 😉 and it comes in different ways. Unfortunately, times of change are some of the most vulnerable and one must be careful of the snakes in the grass while trying to shed skin to let the shiny new glow show ya know?


fight_the_power_pt_1_by_zigbone-d3jzli5The Hidden Colors documentaries were a major hit on college campuses and endeared many to a track of black scholarship. The positive critics widely outweighed the negative. Not entirely to the movies’ credit, but African history is once again heavily trending amongst the youth almost a la the Public Enemy Fight The Power movement of the late-80s to mid-90s. The soulful reawakenings are happening all around us, birthing with them a new age of intellectual hustler.  Tariq Nasheed gathered an impressive crew of intellectuals to pontificate the rich history of Africans on the planet in the documentary trilogy.

One such intellectual, Umar Johnson, was ‘legitimized’ through his appearances in the documentary, according to a recent rebuttal Nasheed gave in their continuing public kerfuffle. From his advice on how to reveal the ‘Mack with-in’ to his zoot-suite rocking diatribes in African scholarship in his documentaries, Nasheed is neither the latest, biggest, or most hypocritical intellectual hustler in the game. He is however one of the most entertaining… that’s if you’re sleep enough to not be disgusted.

We’re not sure if YouTube pays more for lengthy videos or not but Nasheed has a special finesse for extending his dunce-cap wearing expert tips for hundreds of mind-liquefying minutes. Women can be happy to know that there are no lame-brained directives for them on how to conduct themselves in this video.

Nasheed does manage to mention towards the end that it’s his wife birthday so… happy birthday to her smdh. There’s more whining, backstabbing, and plane ol’ snitching with Nasheed calling Umar a “traveling preacher trying to cash out and get as many crumbs as you can before people find out…”


What is happening here? Is this cool? Is this what black people are into now? Am I outta style? Are we into the arrogant fuck boi shit now?

-Dr. Boyce Watkins


Nasheed ends the embarrassing-enough-to-be-viral tirade with an invitation for Umar, a proclaimed Psychologist, to see him! Those definitely sounded like fighting words. The pure ego driven Nasheed/Umar battle appears to have stemmed from a live video stream where Umar proclaims himself to be the top Pan African scholar in America citing his numerous invitations to lecture in his authetic African dress clothes.

Umar also has a longsuffering fundraising campaign to raise 4.5 million dollars to (air quotes) open a school for black boys (end air quotes sarcastically) which has failed to materialize even a business plan. No word on whether the almost $400,000 raised since 2014 will be returned to donors in the forseeable near or distant future.




We won’t spend much time on the bull-faced bully or the smooth playa of women with low-esteem. Do your YouTube searches! There’s plenty of rope to hang your self-respect if you so choose.

Through it all and as usual, Dr. Boykin rode in on his Sharpton horse to soothe us during this troubling time. He urged us towards unity and even spoke on the rarely addressed issue of black code and when to break it. The good doctor then proceeds to break it all over the place, making startling revelations about the working relationship between himself, Nasheed and Umar. He mentions Umar’s father in deducing Umar’s ‘extreme amount of paranoia’ stating ‘he has decided the whole world is his enemy.’ Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


The battle of the New Year battle of the misogynist appears to just be heating up but will hopefully come to a sudden halt soon when we all realize we have those resolutions to tend to and none of it include these two negroes that lacked magic from the beginning. Too late to pretend they don’t exist but how about we sweep these two piles of messes under 2017 until Spring?


Here are 5 more purposeful trends to follow:


  1. Are brick-and-mortar stores a thing of the past?
  2. Did electing President Daffy, Donald, Dummy Punk really just unify South and North Korea against us?
  3. How to invest in BlockChain without BitCoin… you’re welcome 😉
  4. What exactly IS The Freq Shop?
  5. Keep a close eye on all those Indigenous Peoples’ Day bills passed in 2017 to make sure the mf’in enforce them in 2018! Let’s keep a special eye on Arizone cause like Martin Lawrence said… ‘they be trippin’.

Hope that helped.

The only thing that matters is that we guard our hearts. In order to protect our minds from the trauma of change, we can become more conscious of our surroundings and begin to identify those targets that matter and disregard those that do not as distractions. We can prioritize our time and not busy ourselves with the burning flames of natural-born pigeons that only dreamed to be a phoenix. We can be sure nothing will rise from these flames worth a mention.

In other words…

Pay attention to the man behind the curtain not the walking contradiction… especially if their beard afro is weak af!



You cannot go around make claims that are contrary to everything we believe as a damn society and expect us to support yo’ ass after you done dogged them the fuck out and offend them…

-Funky Dineva

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