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Anita Baker Farewell Tour

Ready To Say Goodbye To Anita Baker?

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     No one in the world is ready to say goodbye to the Quiet Storm Queen with the lavender voice. Absolutely NOT Anita! You may not leave us in your shadow of love because as fans of music that makes our soul cry, we’ve been through a lot in the past decade.

Anita Baker Farewell Tour

     Michael told us he could never say goodbye and a lot of us are still holding him to that promise. Some of us are waiting for the King of Pop (and er’thang else) to appear any moment now to save us all with a perfect musical recapitulation of the times. The movie, All Eyez On Me garnered Tupac a new generation of fans but a lot of his old heads are hanging on to the hope of him appearing after a decades long vacation in Cuba. Prince got on the elevator and the rest is purple history and now the rain in Minneapolis is rock hail.


What is we’se gone do now?

What will we do if one more single solitary unnatural disaster strikes? We’ll be FORCED to turn to Ruthie Foster for answers cause all things considered, she can sing.

Anita Baker Farewell Tour

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huge_avatar     Sure we have Lalah and not for nothing but it would also appear Mary J. Blige may be about ready to give us a real soul scraping now that she’s gotten that transitional-heartbreak album off her chest. Next album she cooks up should be as filling as that Real Love fill.

     All of this is besides the point but thanks for reading along. The point is, Anita can’t go because you have to die out. That’s what we’ve decided. That’s what we’re doing. No word as to why Anita Baker posted that horrific threat during this already tumultuous time in America but we chose not to ignore it and here we are.

So here goes,


Where tf as,

Anita Baker laid an artistic foundation for many of us with collections of musical poetry like Rapture and Compositions

Where tf as,

Anita Denise Baker became the light that fueled our melanin laced souls when she decided to sing gospel renditions

Where tf as,

Anita Denise Baker is one of the few songstress we can tolerate through her transitions from R&B to Soul to Gospel to whatever she wants to do we will forever be HERE FOR IT!

Where tf as,

Anita Denise Baker has yet to reveal why she is telling us that this is her farewell tour but if it’s a health matter, we will pray without ceasing to whatever God we serve. If it is a health concern, guess what, we’ll wait!

Where tf as

Anita Denise Baker is a gifted artist in the tradition of most honorable soror, Sarah Vaughn, Billi Holiday, Patti Labelle, and Aretha Franklin and two of them died out cause those are the rules Anita!

Where tf as

Anita Denise Baker is the only reason any of us even bother to attempt to think about trying to give it the best that we got baby

Where tf as

Anita Denise Baker has no way of knowing this but for some of us, Fairy Tales was our ACTUAL fairy tale we’d listen to each night before bed on the tape we made off WGCI

Where tf as

If you leave us we will protest until we evolve to a more effective vehicle of revolution in this country and then we will take it to the streets on another level, i.e. the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Maybe not, but just know we will not go quietly into the night

-The Black Frequency Sheets

If you would like to do something about this shit, join the movement with passionate fury today!

Sign the petition and let your voice be heard because Anita Baker’s voice belongs to us all and it is our human right to hear it perform. Anita Baker retiring from music is a human rights issue! She signed up to be our hero decades ago, now it’s our turn to sign our loyalist agreement.

This is NOT a game.


The wicked pedia has her already retired before her concert tour even starts in March of this year! Now grant it, Anita may have said she was retired a while back but they should’ve known better than to listen. smh

What is going on? We are unsure but you can rest assured we won’t be getting to busy to follow this one…

Keep Freqin’ 

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