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Cardi B Bruno Mars Finesse Remix

Bruno Mars & Cardi B Bring Back The Old Jack Swing!

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     The almighty afro is in full swing in the latest Bruno Mars statement featuring our favorite new Hip-hopstress, Cardi B! Oh it’s dripping with finesse for the ages and if you loved the 90s, you’ll kind of like the first 20 seconds of this video… then it gets intense.

Check out the new video below.

     Paintbrushes and pom pom shorts are popping in this video. More colors than the pixels on Pinterest are in this video. It’s live in living color and Cardi, what more is there? The whole montage to 90s comedy sketch show, In Living Color and cult classic, The Fresh Prince of it all pretty much gaurantees mega hit success… this one is super outta here!

He even dedicated the video to In Living Color… now that’s just classy!

Oh yes. There’s more.

jj     When it comes to the getting down to funky town for a swig of brown, Bruno in tow is an excellent way to go as he’ll definitely take you to where it all started from the get. His Finesse experience has gotten a bit more pungent on the remix and rightfully so.

     We’ve been Jimmy Jamming with 24K magic for a hot minute and this Finesse, the album’s fifth single, is hopefully going to hop our funky magician to the next old Jack Swing!

     FCOL! Did we not get our whole lives at his Live At The Apollo show? Oops… unless you missed it or something. *shrug

     Real 92.3 reported last year that the funk minister was rumoured to have teamed with mega-trendy and ever trending BK MC Cardi B to further finesse Finesse.

Check out the flaming video below.

     2018 sees Cardi B blazing trails for the ages with the Finesse feature placing a colorful asterisk on her sophomore release, Bartier Cardi. The album follows the incredible streaming success of last year’s Bodak Yellow.

     It looks like we can look forward to trading one Cardi hit for the next this year with Bartier Cardi barely engrained in the soft tissue of our brains. Not to mention, Cardi B is sure to color us with her fashion sense this year… the summer trends are sure to be ridic. After teaming with Bruno Mars, she’s proving that ‘outta here’ is much further than it used to be.

Go head Cardi. Shout out to your afro Bruno!

It really doesn’t make any sense at all…

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