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Why wait til 2020?

It would be bigger than the Superbowl LII!



Sure black women have been in and out of like with Oprah throughout the decades but the love for her has never been question. Black women in America have grown up and old with Oprah even sharing her weight fluctuations. Whether or not she gave us a car or powerful words to live by trickled down to her from one of her wise mentors, Oprah has truly been a mother to us all.

Again, suuuuuuure black women had to get over perceiving her as the black mamie that lent a tit to white women and their white women problems throughout the 80s and 90s but since her legendary show last aired, Oprah has been the vanguard of black women.

Thanks to her, we were all in attendance for her 50th birthday party littered with as many stars as an African sky. Every living black woman you’ve ever dreamed about was in attendance.



We witnessed her awesome power to rally the people again last night at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards where she received the Cecil D Mille Award. Watch her inspiring speech below.



Did you get that? She said, “A new day is on the horizon.” That’s it! Pack up your less-money-for-the-same-job and get to writing those checks! Sexism is over cause Oprah said and also millions of hearts and minds are awakening across the world to the historical blatant disregard of Womens’ Rights.

Sidenote: Denzel Washington was last year’s recipient of the award but honestly, we don’t know much about Cecil but TBFS would’ve much rather seen him cop that Best Actor award for Fences… I mean damn… really? The man acting his HANDSOME off fcol!



At any rate, the question on everyone’s lips is Why is Oprah not the President of America? The answer could be because like most unofficial politicians, she’s been our President this whole time. We honor and respect her for the work she is doing and the work she had to do in order to be able to do the work she’s doing today.

If not for the white-women-pacifying 80s, would she be here today to inspire us all? We can answer that question by looking around us and seeing who was there then and who is still here now. Oprah is here today for us! Let’s continue to honor her and if we can’t get her to run for office, let’s take advantage of the wisdom she keeps trying to impart.


When people show you who they are, believe them.

-From Maya to Oprah to us.

Take a look at a commentated Oprah show from 25 years ago…

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