Ginuwinely Hypocritical: Game Recognize Game

And now… a special message from The Black Freqs. Disclaimer: Lots of things ‘escape us’ in this article so sorry if you don’t draw the conclusions you’re looking for. Life is weird these days. Thanks for reading 😉

And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know. 1 Corinthians Ch 8 Vs 1

Hopefully everyone has heard the aforementioned at some point in life. If so, then hopefully you’ve turned it over in your mind enough to realize that knowledge is infiinite and only a fool believes he knows all perspectives… and perspective MUST BE respected.


We can play the blame game or we can come to terms with the fact that what you know, the knowledge you collect, is your responsibility. In ancient civilizations, knowledge was something for the elite. Today, it’s easily accessible to the point that not knowing something, is indeed willful ignorance.

We can play the blame game to the extinct that we destroy ourselves or we can choose to engage perspectives. Game recognize game! When perspective is respected, we are seeing more than one dimensionally. For instance, India Willoughby called Ginuwine out for not dating transsexuals using him to prove that when it comes to dating transpeople, men are weak and insecure.

“The fact Ginuwine is happy to go with women and wouldn’t feel comfortable going with me… I’m just a woman forget about any Ts in front of it.”

She then places an arm around a mink wrapped Ginuwine saying, “I just want a kiss.” What happens next is sure to be fodder for Human Sexuality 101 for the next decade or more. Watch the video and we’ll discuss.

Did anyone notice a complete disrespect of perspectives or was it just TBFS? We’re okay with standing alone. Just wondering what you saw.

transgender vigil for Kenneth "Kiwi" Herring (re: Ginuwine, Willoughby)
Photo by David Carlson for St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The discussion on transsexual relationships with heterosexual men was inarguably needed in today’s America where incidents of violence are too frequent. They too have to “deal” with the footsoldiers better known as the police.

The vigils and protests could be louder and sure, there is more we can all do to bring positive change. However, in the case of Willoughby vs. Ginuwine, perhaps a mediator would’ve made it more productive.

Perhaps a mediator could have at least spared our R&B Pony Prince from the current social media shyt storm in which he’s wading neck-deep.

From Ginuwine’s perspective, he wouldn’t knowingly date a transgendered person. How Ginuwine’s sexual preference is anymore intolerable or ‘phobic’ than Willoughby’s escapes us. Feel free to explain it to us in the comments because it sounds like straight game.

We were waiting on Willoughby to say, “Sure, but you haven’t been with THIS transwoman yet?” Sounds familiar to any lesbians out there?

Perspectives are perspectives whether they are respected or not but it would behoove us to pay them mind. Perhaps of those men that would knowingly date a transgendered person, there is some insecurity and weakness. However, a man who does not prefer to date a transperson is exercising his given right to choose. Women have historically exercised a right to choose. Men are becoming empowered to do the same and how that isn’t a good thing also escapes us. 0-o

Doesn’t it make men more respectable to know that they aren’t out there giving it up left and right? Do women feel men are too easily attainable and their penises too easily accessible?


Perhaps people identifying as trans feel they should enjoy that same access. However and therefore, they have more fighting to do. The fight would be to change the sexual preference of heterosexual men that would not knowingly date a transperson.

Some might say this is no different from suggesting a lesbian should change her preference to heterosexual or perhaps we should all be fighting to make everyone the same… but wait… America’s system of the illusion of white supremacy beat us to that too.



How about this… mind your business.

The very thing this transgendered did to him, Al Franken lost his job for. -D. L. Hughley

It is hypocritical to expect special treatment while fighting for equality. If someone express that they do NOT prefer something we have no choice but to believe them as they are the masters of themselves and no one else. The fact that you may have experienced a man shunning you in public while tonguing you in private is not Ginuwine’s concern.

If a transperson wants to date, unfortunately, they have to go through the same awkward process as the rest of us. Does he like me or no? Should I or shouldn’t I? The indecision of it all is no different than what anyone else goes through. When the answer is no, it hurts, but it happens to all of us. How Willoughby and crew cornered the market on discrimination DEFINITELY escapes us.

Perhaps homosexuals and transpeople are hunting in a smaller jungle with fewer identifiable targets but forcing someone to be attracted to you when they clearly are not is some narcissistic shyt that you may want to talk to a therapist about and preferably not the one you used before you surgery.

main-qimg-02b195467b554d41d14a3601adcbc222-c.jpgIn conclusion,

Slavery is over.

Willoughby is overdue for her Juneteenth celebration.

People have sexual preferences. Not just gay or transpeople but all people have preferences. If someone isn’t comfortable dating you outside of the proverbial closet then it’s up to you to decide how much you’d like to take. It is NOT your job to push them out or judge them… unless of course you’re bold enough to turn the mirror around on yourself.

Check out what Comedian, D. L. Hughley had to say on the topic.

Some lesbians that identify as studs prefer to date other women that identify as studs and some do not. It’s interesting to notice the same behavior in the gay community is perpetuated from the heterosexual. If a heterosexual guy is rejected by a woman it isn’t uncommon to hear, ‘well fuck you then bitch.’ If a stud doesn’t want to date another stud, you can hear the same growls in a different pitch.

Hilarious as some may find it to be, the issues of insecurity and weakness in men has come at a significant cost to humankind. How we’ve all become little therapists able to diagnose each others personality defects and not our own again… ESCAPES US! These labels should not be attached to men indiscriminately. Wars have been fought over the insecurity of men. Let’s not forget the ‘downlow’ era of the 90s that left black women in Atlanta with the highest concentration of AIDS/HIV in the country and possibly the entire planet!

It may behoove us to cut the shyt and respect everyone’s perspective. No means no and there is no explanation needed. A weak or insecure person isn’t helped by being called weak and insecure and if you feel oppressed by society, it is definitely not your job to become the hypocritical oppressor.

The end.

The only will I want to take away from people is willful ignorance. -AAAA