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Meshell Paints Prince All Paisley & Crazy

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Donuts is a cool slang word we inherited from the late and really freqin’ great artist of sound, J Dilla.

Prince_GettyImages-550411639Donuts is a cool enough word to describe Meshell Suhaila Bashir-Shakur’s latest musical offering at the altars of our everything. The Artist better known as Meshell Ndegeocello is doing us a huge solid by covering The Artist formally known as Prince and forever known as Musicology’s most distinguished professor.


We won’t ramble on in this one, go ahead, click play if you bout that soulspection life and see what Meshell conjured in her freq shop for us to cop. No way would we want to stand in the way of this swoony, sonic attack that feels like a slow lo-fi punches to your soul’s heartbag. #TenderLove


“I started to write this album on the guitar and you can hear it. The final atmosphere’s gentler.”

Meshell posted to her SoundCloud recently to all of our delight but the album doesn’t drop til March.

Of course this isn’t the first time the High Priestess of The Jams has covered our highest ranking music hero. She’s been doing it for decades but this time is special because this time, it’s on wax and we have to assume every rightly placed note and breath is intentional because well… Meshell is that kind of artist.

Remember when she critiqued the use of the world slave and the context there which it was used by his purple majesty? Oh that’s okay if you missed it… we’ll remind you. And really it was against the perpetuation of the use of the word after he said it but still…


We know how fast the year USUALLY goes but watch it creep by at the speed of a muscular distrophe’d centipede just cause…

On the mid-March 2018 release of Vintriloquism, there’s a lot to be dug and much we shall dig for sure. This includes but is not limited to a version of Smooth Operator to finish out the whole shabang. Peep the track list below.

We ‘spose that’s enough teasing so here’s a little Meshell to nestle to in the meantime between time.

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