King Asiatic Invents Legend Costume

That’s right!

You’ve heard about it! You’ve seen about it!

It’s finally here!


The Black Freqs have been all the way here for Nore’s Drink Champ train and it’s been a sensational ride. The year opened with a dedicated Jada Kiss & Fab episode that undoubtedly fluffed their Halloween 2017 Freddy Vs. Jason release.

This week, Mr. What! What! What! What! What! … What! hits us with a kingly portion of pioneering legendary Hip-hop royalty at it’s finest. The latest Drink Champs features none other than Big Daddy K.A.N.E. and the discussion was one for the ages.


This journalism task was not for the faint of heart. Co-host, DJ EFN was clearly fanning out and Nore was visibly shaken in the presence of the almighty King.

“Hold on, hold on, I got to find my notes and shit,” scrambles a nervous Nore.

26804381_10156281782029887_5665327142106587803_nThat’s nothing against Nore or DJ EFN. For crying out loud, have you ever seen a legend? A real one? If you have or haven’t, one look at Big Daddy K.A.N.E. in this episode will definitely redefine your definition.

If ever there was ever a legend in the flesh, K.A.N.E. shows us how it should be done and how he should dress when he do it. From the hat to the vest to the voice to the drink choice, King Asiatic shows us after decades in the game, he still comes as Smoove as originally advertised.

“Let me just interject for one second,” Nore says to interrupt a story Big Daddy was in the middle of telling about how he almost signed Jay-Z. “Big Daddy Kane is the first guest that came with they own corkscrew! Let’s make some noise for that!”

“That’s some classy shit… wouldn’t expect anything else,” EFN chimed in. “That’s right,” agreed Nore, “We’ll get back to Hov later…”

dj-efn-1A man that brings his own corkscrew… well.. there’s a lot to be said about him. DJ EFN goes into his journalism bag heavy and manages to pull some never-before-heard info out the ferocious MC with more bodies on him than your favorite Kardashian. He definitely proved to be a huge K.A.N.E. fan and even Nore popped the first bottle of Don P in Drink Champs history for the MC in everyone’s Top 5… as he should.

0e8e24b9ac5fca4ae42b3aabe3d738ac--music-love-new-musicOne of the lesser known K.A.N.E. facts including how he is responsible for the only footage of Tupac and Biggie performing Where Brooklyn At? on stage. We won’t spoil it for you but we will tell you that this isn’t close to being the most sensational story from Big Daddy’s golden era. There is a certain story that involves him pulling an ‘R Kelly’ on a groupie that you won’t want to miss.

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