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FINALLY! Freddy Vs. Jason Gets Visual

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We would let them off the hook IF the two Hip-hop legends didn’t complete a vigorous media tour for the highly anticipated F Vs J release where they pretty much dissed us for saying they took TOO long!

They did!

It may not have been 5 years like many of us originally thought but it was a good minute between the time Fab starting dropping those Flex freestyles and the actual release of the album. This is supposedly the time frame in which the two New York mcs conceived the idea. Jason is the gubment name of D-Block rapper, JadaKiss, and the rapper that looks like what Swizz Beats would look like if he was a dope MC lol.

Plus, we can’t deny how good Fabolous looks good in stripes just like a tall, skinny, always hungry black man would. Guess it’s time for them to open up shop now that they’ve closed down on the F Vs. J pop-up shops.

Check out the video for the Freddy Vs. Jason Intro and let us know what you think!

Let us know your thoughts on why they appear to be able to use the Nightmare On Elm Street imagery but couldn’t use the name. 0-o #haterz

Have you been to the Freq Shop?

You may want to check it out!

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