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Minneapolis Is Super Lit For Superbowl LII

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Big logos framed all the photos last Friday night in Minneapolis’ downtown streets. The host city of Superbowl 52 appeared to seamlessly meet the challenge backed by big bucks and big brands from Target Corp to Tostitos to you name it! Minnesota has historically housed the top Fortune 500 companies America has left and they showed up and out to help make the days long winter street jam a super safe and happy time to remember.


Of course the city rolled a special purple carpet for the man that not only put it on the map and never left it but blessed the world with the highest of holiest musical psalms. The Artist infinitely known as Prince was present through his music and also a few tokens from his Paisley Park estate that lent a personal touch to the Superbowl party that’ll leave tourist praising their football gods. Hopefully our prayers will be answered to the tune of JT NOT blessing us with a lavender rendition of a Royal Purple classic.


Come to Minneapolis for the Superbowl and stay for the culture of it all. At least that’s the grand idea. The city is beckoning the middle to highrollers to play ball all week long with a slew of attractions that you’d have to see to believe and this is from the Chief Black Freq herself.


A pimp stroll down Nicollet these days would be an adventure to even a Minneapolis native. If the 4 tons of ice sculptures don’t get you the isolated ski-slopes in front of the Men’s Wearhouse is sure to trip you! The concert includes international super stars and local favorites. Don’t take the word of a Black Freq, see for yourself. Festivities are scheduled all the way up to Superbowl Sunday and there’s something for everybody.



Superbowl 52 Minneapolis Nicollet
Yes. They landed a plane on Nicollet. An actual plane.


If planes aren’t your jam and you’re fly-as-a-bird-in-the-sky on some Nikki Giovanni ish, don’t worry. Minneapolis has you covered and there’s even something for you! Either way you’re hooked up this year if you are brave enough to bare the cold and you really, really, really love you some football. Or if you just want an opportunity to protest injustice on some Angela Davis (Happy Birfday!) ish, the twin cities has you covered there as well.


We will never forget Philando Castille and the overall general oppressive nature of the powersthatbe in Minnesota. The strictly segregated job markets and pay gaps, the housing inequities and fucked up zoning laws, the white gaze, the police brutality and let us not forget the 18 young men arrested last Tuesday in one of the city’s final “Superbowl Sweeps” for selling marijuana. Smh… Why? It was all good just a week ago 0-o

Anyways… Bong bong party people! Start your engines. It’s about to get funky.

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