Overtired Ocean Finally Weeding Out Plastics

And here it is people!

The Future!

Just in time for our 2nd Annual February Futures Series, we’re finally ready to meet the times on our feet with sword and shield. Forget about that flying car, Jetson’s fantasy.

No, no, no. We didn’t do what was necessary to propagate a Jetson’s future but what we did do was exchange metals in construction and virtually every other industry from surgery to FOOD with plastic, plastic, and more uber-synthetic “high-grade,” fancy named PLASTIC!

Film and Television8 billion tons of plastic is produced with more than 6.3 tons of it clogging the veins of our rivers and streams according to Wired UK. So now what? Wtf is to be done about this shyt? Now that we’ve created an entire industry of plastic innovation and technology, what will we do to destroy it?

Luckily these new young people are popping up with idea after idea to save our C.A.D.D.y asses from self-annihilation. Skipping Rocks Lab is receiving acclaim for the eatable water invention their calling Ooha! That’s right… water you can eat. Ready for the irony?

The eatable water product is somehow derived from the noisy, plastic water bottles suffocated our water flow and killing our ducks and wildlife. We’re happy to report that we are not making this up. This isn’t one of those Freqy Tales we’re known to tell so well.


On the contrary, see for yourself. Of course all kinds of questions come up like, “Who created Ooha?” and “Why do they think the only way I’ll consume water is if I can eat it?” and “Is it going to come in chocolate flavor?” Or maybe we’re the only ones with those questions.

Either way, the future is now people.

The Black Frequency Sheets Eatable Plastic Ooha
Ooha’s eatable plastic product is engineered from plastic water bottles.

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