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Tiffany Haddish Has A Gift A Whole Group Can Fit On!

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If you haven’t heard Tiffany Haddish tell the tale of taking the Smith’s on a Louisiana bayou tour than the title may be wasted on you. You know what else is wasted on you? Tiffany Haddish in Girl Trip!

Not only was she white girl wasted the entire movie, but whether she was acting or not, her hilarity was front and center and bold af. If her 2017 #1 Comedy starring Regina Hall, Queen L-A-T-I-F-A-H command, and Jada Pinkett-Smith didn’t endear you to the lovely Haddish then You are ALONE!


Everyone loves Tiffany and it has as much to do with her character as it does her comedy. She’s a freqin’ loveable woman who loves to laugh, make us laugh, and go on adventures… while high. She kilt the game on The Carmichael Show as Lil Rel’s blunt-mouf and blunt smoking ex-wife opposite Loretta Devine and David Alan Grier. The new it woman has also recently scored a first-look deal with HBO! What more do you need in a new favorite leading lady?

downloadIf you’re one of those hard-to-please tough weeds than Haddish has enough up her black girl magic sleeve to yank you out good and proper like. Remember Tracy Morgan? Hustle man? Yep. He’s back and Haddish will be starring along side him in the new TBS comedy, The Last O.G. which is apparently NOT a black comedy.

If that ain’t enough, she’s helping you save money man! FCOL what more do you want? If you don’t get on the Haddish Express after she helps you get your life for less than we don’t know what type of freq you are, we really don’t. Haddish recently penned a deal to become the spokesperson for her favorite money-saving app, Groupon!

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The commercials are hilarious of course and will air in full for Superbowl LII. We’ll let you check them out in your own time. We’d rather focus on her straight up comedy. Matter of fact, here’s a little waif of Tiff to bump the hump out your back on the eve of pay-attention-to-black-people month.

You know what else Keosha? If that don’t do you… you may want to get a freqin’ consult your local love one for a hug!

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