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February Futures Volume 9: Creed for the Culture Creative

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We chose as wisely as possible and came up with what we believe to be a pretty applicable theme song for the introduction of February Futures Volume 2. The theme is Creed for the Culture Creative and in it we aim to deliver you a new soul hole to hip-hop through. With that, it’s only right we give you a hot beat to scread to.

We’ve been told that our writing can fly over the head and hover a bit and also that that Alley Angel Artist Aphropik thinks she is cooler than anti-hell-freeze on a polar bear’s sleeve. Factual as this may be, we have to do SUMTHIN to lessen the stink of 2017’s gaseous leak from politics to gun violence to black on black lack-of-love and all of the above.

That SUMTHIN will be continuing the legacy of greatness and honoring those future leaders that dare to meet their dreams with action. Keep reading and scrolling to see who we choose to set it off with in 2018!





The Fashion Architect



Belief in your ability to make your dreams a reality is easier said than achieved. Carlos Vontee Augo, a trained Architect turned fashion designer, works consistently on actualizing his dreams by mostly cultivating his mind. The environment of his man is ever-changing but if he has anything to do with it, and he does, it’s always positive and moving in the direction to obtaining his goal: Total domination of the global fashion industry. It all starts with his personal culture creative creed.

Peep the mind design of the fresh architect. TBFS recently connected with the fly guy to get the latest on his new Spring ’18 campaign and the general lowdown on his royal reign… in general. 😉

I’m the General in the chair running things and that applies to everyone in life. We are Generals of our dreams, goals, and choices in life. We have to put on the hat and take charge or else risk falling short. Dreams and goals may just pass by. We have to stand and lean on God.

-Carlo Vontee Augo



Be sure to check back this month for more from dreamer, designer, and gifted artist Carlo Vontee Augo and TBFS’ February Futures Volume 2 featured leaders to follow. Catch up on TBFS’ February Futures Volume 1.


Get more Carlo now.



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