The Black Frequency Sheets

February Futures Vol. 2 Art. 2: DaKatalyZt & Other Otherworldly People

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…I’m too busy sharpening my oyster knife.

-Zora Neale Hurston

Names are important.

If you don’t think so, ask the man that is a marvel, the human with an asterisk, and the person of unhyphenated multidimensionalism, DaKatalyZt. An MC and passionate purveyor of funky noise, he doesn’t come off as anyone you’ve never seen in a dream for sure and the man that has people asking TBFS ‘Who dat?’ is certainly difficult to ignore.

Matter of fact… if no minds mind… let’s just play some music.

Fred is dead he said.


DaKatalyZt is the ressurection seeking the perfection of artistkind on his journey around the world, he is repping The Black Freqs like no other. He carries the current from Melbourne to Bali to Antartica to his home in Nashville and there is doubt bout your clout if you don’t believe DaKatalyZt’s homespun spunk is good for the $oul.


DaKatalyZt travels the world with the company of bandmates and friends igniting sound and ushering light in dark spaces to the merriment of global culture. It is for this reason TBFS recognizes the revolutionary art of DaKatalyZt as future creator and conveyor of what it is to be an gifted, multiaceted artist.

I am a cultural creator because it’s my destiny. It’s the will of the higher power; a higher “calling” if you will…


Find your inner-freq

…and wear it out!





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