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In My Solitude: The Alley Angel Poet Comes

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What Came With Them

To The February Future  Men

The men came.

They came to do more, better.

They came from Nashville to confront misconceptions

They came modeling modesty gallantly with

Proposed solutions

to hip-hop’s hypocrisy and

Plans to build institution.

Arms, legs, and neck twisting

In waning winds they’re

Bodies made revolutions and

innervated spirit like turbins

They came from rainy Portland by light of night

Whispering rhymes in freckled drum patterns

Cross states with fault lines shaped like latterns

Men light pearly smiles and sanctify

Rhymes in gatherings divisble by two

They quip instruction for me and you

Bend down and see them

Wax poetic by candlelight

In schemes, dreams, and couplets

Metaphors can’t be fucked with

They came by ship

To cruise the moon’s dip

Roll inside scrolls and sit

Our banks and sip

They came rocking locks

In wild figurations

3018 never seen a meaner generation

A cleaner imitation of life in the 60s

They scoring with all the honeys

Frankly they swag don’t empty

Ripley could believe the tricks

They keep up-sleeve

Hip-hop meant for milk-crates

Not for rolling weed

They got the funky freqs

To freq the funky ‘nics

Their god spell can put the wind in

Your god’s sail

Who is the first fallen Alley Angel artist?

Not Michelle

She nailed the wood together

To cross the wood forever

Bore by men of glory and men

With little feather

For the future

They never really understood

What she told them in the sutra

They came with empty pages

And question faces

Humble students

All they wanted was a place to

Plant their future

I told them I wouldn’t take one

For the team but

For the future…

Alley Angel Artist Aphropik is the registered artist name of The Chief of The Black Freqs. Be sure to check out the new release, Sovereign Goddess, available February 16.


What Came With Them

2018 All Rights Reserved

Alley Angel Artist Aphropik


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