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Black Panther, Red, & Green: A First Reaction

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Black Panther is beautiful on every level. I cried a tear when Chadwick got off the spaceship to meet Angela Bassett.


Actor Chadwick Boseman greets audiences as Marvel’s Black Panther in it’s highest February release of all times.

I think about all the times I’ve wanted to see a film like Black Panther scrolling through Netflix & Youtube. After so much negativity facing and against the black community over the past 3-4 years alone… this is a right, mature & honorable celebration!

It’s absolutely monumental in timing and message with perfect strength, beauty, poise, pacing, respect, and characterizations. The stellar cast gives amazing performances! What a win for everyone! It’s mental medicine.

Now, as with any tsunami wave, we have to look out for the Black Panther themed Halloween costumes, birthday cakes & parties, and graduation speeches. Future actors will lines from Black Panther in award speeches and in stage plays and musical versions are coming to your local middle school.


I’m going again… 3D this time.


-Patriq James





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