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Too Short To Pop His Collar Every Day In 2018

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I keep getting a bunch of people calling, telling me congratulations. I’m like, “What did I do?”


-Too Short




The movie is out and although there is a remaining population of people yet to be Panthered, a lot of us have already witnessed the splendor of 2018’s winniest cinematic experience! Sure its only February but it’s safe to say that not even Killmonger can stop Black Panther from clawing its way to the top of the heap this year with over $700 M’s in sales to date!


Too Short is the first internationally acclaimed Hip-hop artist from Oakland, CA and performs the first song in Marvel’s Black Panther


With that established, it’s also safe to say the music driving the Black Panther phenomenon shares it’s stature. When we learned Kendrick Lamar was heavily present it was one thing, but add-on the connection to director, Ryan Coogler and the “West Coast,” specifically, The Bay, and we’ve got another component of how Black Panther makes cinematic history in its sleep.

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Screen-Shot-2015-10-13-at-9.51.36-PMIt’s easy to brag about the lyrical stylings of gifted artists like Kendrick Lamar but when you pay your $10,000 for a movie ticket in 2018 and settle in your seat with your hard-earned $5,349 popcorn and you’re instantly catapulted to the passenger seat of a lowrider… yes… it is true… YOU ARE ENTERTAINED! This is what fans can look forward to as Oakland rapper, Too Short is the first song that plays in Black Panther and an oldie but goodie at that.

Nope! Like we said… there are still some remaining Panther fans that have yet to witness the splendor so no spoilers in The Black Freq Sheets. We’re not even going to pay any credence to the Tuesday After rule that says it’s safe to talk about movies the week after they’re released. However, don’t think our gag will STAY gagged because pretty soon we’ll be posting our unique series of critical essays on Black Panther.

Until then… enjoy this video of Too Short’s reaction to the good news courtesy of Revolt.




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