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     2018 is the year of the Culture Creative and Jason Weah is moving the needle with sacred angles and fiery feet to the before and after beat. Future creatives need to know that the way is becoming clearer for them to express their inner freq and spill paint all over the freqin’ canvas. Maybe we’ve all witnessed the ebb and flow of generations of pioneering youth enough times to expect greatness and nothing else.

Freestyle Dancer Jason Weah resides in Minneapolis

Minnesota creative, Jason Weah, recently linked with The Cheif of The Black Freqs to chop it down around the concept of creativity and his views on where he’s going with is craft.

“I’m a future culture creator because I am fearless and full of passion! I inspire others to believe in themselves no matter what the circumstance and to keep going,” said Jason from his Minneapolis perch.

When asked about the importance of supporting other creatives and sparking the revolution of movement in Minneapolis, Jason had this to say, “I support others with their dreams. I want to see everyone become somebody in life because I see greatness within all of us.”


Watch a young Jason Weah get it back in the day

Talk about an inspiring early 20 something! That video is from 2012 and Jason has evolved to inspire other Minneapolis youth get it too. We’ll get into that in another freqin’ ARTicle but we wanted to set March off right. Call it Women’s Month, What-ever-cause-of-the-hour Month but we call it and every month Mission Month because we’re on one constantly! Our mission is always promoting gifted artistry for the world to see in whatever form that comes.

The Black Frequency Sheets give thanks for dance. Body movement is hyper-neccessary for our total health and we believe dancing is the best way to move. “I dance to help others understand me and not only my words. I always having a story to tell. I embrace the black power within me through dance using my body language to tell more of the story,” provides Jason.


If 10,000 words are needed to depict a picture than Jason spins a nice, lengthy story of movement in his striking visual, rhythmic presentations of Afro-Caribbean dance. “Life is to short not to love yourself or what you do and not to always try your best in everything you do believing it will be beneficial,” added Jason.

Get more Jason in The Sheets soon but until then…



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