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Monique & Pocket-Watching The Hustle

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A half of a million dollars is a lot of money to a lot of people and some of them believe that is all to be considered when signing on the dotted line for an hour of comedy. Queen of Comedy, Monique is stirring up the pot again, this time clapping back at critics saying she needs to basically, ‘shut up and tell jokes.’

Premiere Of Universal's "Almost Christmas" - Arrivals
Monique called for Netflix boycott after low-ball offer

2018 has seen a continuation of an era of speaking out and standing up for those old social norms that past generations have perpetuated in silence. Me Too’ers have taken to social media and even black lives have mattered to people more than ever. Why can’t Monique have her day to soak in the sunbeams of justice? Why ya’ll hating?

Is it because Faizon had so much to say on The Breakfast Club morning radio show and comedian after co-worker have spoken out to basically say Monique need to stop pocket-watching and investigate alternatives to Netflix? No one is boycotting Netflix fcol.

Alright, fine. Monique didn’t get the slew of support and picket-sign artists she expected but was she right? Did Netflix disrespect the value of art with such a low offer? Was Monique being ungrateful in her declination?

The value of art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a matter of perspective. Something is worth what someone is willing to pay. Monique cited fellow comedians like Tiffany Haddish and Wanda Sykes, who claimed to have been offered even less for a comedy special, as examples of how her offer could potentially snowball to effect others. However, Monique is her own artist with unique brand of comedy.


The Parkers star Monique believes she’s black-balled from Hollywood


Of the audience that pays for Netflix, how many want to see Monique? Of those that do not pay for Netflix, how many would do so because of Monique? To Netflix, that number equated to a $500,000 offer and Monique wasn’t having it.

After all, it isn’t only an hour of her time Monique would be giving up, it is also the preparation. From an artist’ perspective, the value of the art includes those hours of exercises in patience and those measures taken to ensure inspiration was met with the preparation that created the hour or painting or poem. It isn’t the end result that holds value to the artist but everything it took to create. All things considered, the question can be asked, ‘how much is art worth?’




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