Martin /ˈmɑːɪn/ is back! WHAAAZUP!


For so many of us, the 25th anniversary of the super iconic comedy, Martin, came a little too quick. If you remember a time when Thursday nights was Must See TV, TBFS invite you to stop feeling ‘old’ for a second and think about the fact that  you’ve also seen the rise of black comedy on “regular tv” over the last 2 decades reach heights unknown.

imagesThese days, comedy lovers can enjoy an array of perspectives on TV… if they still have one of those things. However, chances are, the comic that gets you to put your mouse down pulls heavily from the show that made us put our pliers back on the shelf.

The Black Frequency Sheets are happy to be among the first to say, ‘Welcome back Martin!’ and ‘Whaaazup! Whaaazup! Whaaaaaazup!’

The cast of Martin accepts the 2018 ABFF Award for Classic Television Show.

Rumors have circulated for months of a reboot of the classic 90s sitcom. However, little to nothing has come from the cast members themselves. Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Tommy Ford (May he rest in peace), Carl Payne, and the Martin man himself were honored at the American Black Film Festival Awards in February with The Classic Television Award along with our new favorite comedian Tiffany Haddish.

The award came timely to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the show that raised a generation of blacks and continues to leave in indelible imprint on future generations.

Want to know what Martin Lawrence has to say about a reboot? Check out the latest episode of Snoop Dogg’s show (because we are in the future) on courtesy of GGN on YouTube below.






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