Nas Winds Up With Future & DJ Esco

Hip-Hop snobs, young and old, have endured a lot of change over the past decade and 2018 has brought more of the same. Wacky twists and turns in our musical landscape seems to be the theme of the future and TBFS is all the way here for it! If you were alive for the Golden Era of the 90s then you’re also here for at least one spin of the latest collabo from DJ Esco’s Kolorblind album. That’s of course if you’re ready for this futuristic, lilac wine heady MIXTAPE NAS!

I figure I’d stick with my best guys, less guys… know me, then I can live my best life, low key… So I creep like Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Yes Nas scobar… Got big, got bread, got far… -Nas Escobar, Walk-Thru


DJ Esco Kolorblind
DJ Esco Kolorblind


No. DJ Esco is NOT Nas Escobar’s alter ego, far from it. DJ Esco is Future’s touring DJ and the inspiration behind the rapper’s star-making mixtape, 56 Nights. The project was inspired by DJ Esco’s 56 day bid on a weed charge. That’s right… he went to jail for weed.

Kolorblind Nas Future DJ Esco
Master Storyteller, Nas, and Future collaborate for Walk-Thru, the latest from DJ Esco.

Now, the green slanging DJ is back to walk us through exactly, precisely, and very specifically how to be a drug dealer. If you thought you knew how to sell drus, DJ Esco is here to let you know that everybody could use a refresher er’now and again.

Of course the DJ Esco needed a little help from his road captain, Future, for the hook. For the story itself? None under the Queensbridge’s favorite storyteller, Nasir. However the three wound up together, we’re here for Nas however we can get him. Check out the song, Walk-Thru, below and let us know what you think.

Brace yourself for some heady Hip-hop with mad flavor and apparently a shyt-ton of marijuana. We’re not saying Nas sounds high af… well… you be the judge. Either he’s squinting to read those bars or DJ Esco didn’t learn a damn thang in those 56 days!

Let us know what you think in the comments… we think that studio was lit af! Go ahead and press play below.


Nas Future DJ Esco
DJ Esco drops colorful Kolorblind mixtape for the 1-8


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