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Killing Bill: Cosby Found Guilty Before & After Proof

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I figured he’d be found guilty ’cause it was going on too long… but everyone did pops back then, quaaludes were everywhere. Every black person in America need to trace their roots to the family that ‘owned’ them and sue the white off them since we’re taking it to back-in-the-day. -My Mama


Cosby Profile NPR
NPR photo profiles Cosby


At the turn of the century, director Quentin Tarrantino romanced audiences with a slow winding dance to Bill’s demise in a few volumes of cinematic excellence. The popular media have taken us on a similar journey over the last 2 decades in the twisty plot to Kill Bill… Cosby! TBFS has never minced words… they are much too powerful for mincing… nope, we rather let our words DO the mincing and before we get to cutting up, let’s go ahead let the facts fall and lay with a thud. Bill Cosby was found guilty today, April 26, 2018 of not one, not two, but three counts of Sexual Assault.

TBFS will wait for you to find your bottom lip before continuing on.




The three counts of Sexual Assault according to the New York Times include, “penetration with lack of consent, penetration while unconscious and penetration after administering an intoxicant.” These are very serious felony charges that could have Mr. Cosby in prison for the next decade. What would a 10 year prison sentence do for 80-year-old comic legend, Bill Cosby. Yes… we are aware that Mr. Cosby hasn’t been referred to as a comedic legend or as Mr. for a very long time but The Black Frequency Sheets has never been with the shyts.








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Mr. Cosby raised half of black America and Phylicia Rashad raised the other half. Yet for some reason, almost the whole of black America abandoned Mr. Cosby in his time of need. Not that we should all be rallying at his mansion door and following his limos to the courthouse in a Uber or anything. We’re not saying that… but it is pretty apparent that many aren’t treating Mr. Cosby with the same difference of their own father if he was accused and subsequently convicted of this horrific crime.




The decades’ long trail has been dragged to a hault with Cosby facing up to 10 years on 3 counts of Sexual Assault charges. Multiple accusers have the benefit of knowing some form of justice has been served in their favor. Are Cosby supporters unsympathetic to the those accusers? TBFS certainly is not, neither are we in support of the delayed reactions of justice and the selective memory of America.

TBFS is NOT in support of an America that picks and choose victims and criminals with prejudice. The America that would make an example of one black man in a hashtag Me Too era is unjust. An America that can only boast ‘the appearance of’ justice in a hashtag Me Too that doesn’t include black women too is unjust.


Bill Cosby Guilty Verdict
Bill Cosby waves arrives for a pretrial hearing in his sexual assault case at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016. Lawyers for Cosby will battle in court to try to limit the number of other accusers who can testify at the comedian’s sexual assault trial. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Is this Bill’s the final finger in the decades’ long five point palm exploding heart technique?








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