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Sasha O Vibes with Cardi B Off Set

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Started from the bottom now she’s partying with Cardi! Back-in-the-day she was workin’ that drive-thru on some would-you-like-fries-with-that but not anymore. Nope. Talk about a come-up story!

Sasha Obama cashiers at Nancy’s on Martha’s Vineyard

Okay, well maybe she’s had a bit of a push into the limelight but that doesn’t mean Ms. Obama didn’t deserve to let her hair down this summer. It’s not like her life has been a party every summer and we all know she gets good ass grades in school so fcol can she live?

Of course she can and we are all the way here for it. Besides, the Secret Service cost of it all! Did they pay Sasha enough that summer to cover the cost we paid for the Secret Service protection? I get they want to teach her the importance of hardwork but their HAS to be a rich people’s way to teach that shyt!

First baby daughter, Sasha Obama is stretching her legs this summer and making the traditional teenage rounds of the hottest spots America offers to trot. Broccoli Festival was an obvious lik and of course she hit it in regal style pollying backstage with music’s most popular queen Cardi B.




Broccoli Fest held in Washington D. C. was an obvious box for the 16-year-old to check off her summer social calendar. A backstage pass to hang with Cardi B and hubby-to-be, OffSet was just a plus not a must.

However, check the model pose the FDOTUS strikes inext to OffSet and we can all agree that Sasha’s usie swag is lit af.

Offset, Sasha Obama, Cardi B
FDOTUS Sasha Obama poses with Cardi B and OffSet backstage at Broccoli where the couple headlined.

The Broccoli Fest, according to Queen Cardi herself, will be her last performance until her baby is born. Fans can look forward to her forthcoming tour in September with Bruno Mars and until then…


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