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Is This Kanye Afraid Of Black People?

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walkerThe luminary Alice Walker was definitely on to something when she wrote about ‘aligning my selves’. While some people enjoy doing work on themselves, it would appear in 2018 that many Americans would prefer to just numb the pain.

For some, the work is just too much. It’s too hard to be alone long enough to hear our own self talk. Besides, there are way too many devices directing our thumbs and eyeballs attention.

Unfortunately when you pay one thing too much attention, other things are neglected… like… you. This appears to be the case with the state of America and if the current opioid crisis isn’t a telling sign then how about 2018 Kanye?

Now that should do it!


The new blonde hair, don’t care, MAGA no zine, oil without the sheen, slippery KKK Kanye is with the shits like the lean in his double cup was pure pepto.

050118-daz-dillinger-kal-1080x608The Black Freq Sheets was all set to give you our commentary on the Charlemagne interview but before we could get one off, Kanye double stuffed our pop culture cookie! Gotdamn Kanye smh I hope your next plaque says ‘Kayne’ you ol smh so and so.

Long story long already, Daz called for a Kanye fade on site and now there are rumors that Kanye took out a restraining order on dude… Aye yi yi

WTF is Ed Lover?

C’mon son!


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