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NPR Reports ‘Loneliness’ At An All Time American High… And Americans Are High AF About It!

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Aphropik stands behind these words.

The new, new soul sister on the scene laid it all on the line in her debut release, HEAVN, a few years back. In the song Holy we hear her croon the sweet refrain, “I’m not lonely, I’m alone, and I’m holy on my own.”

That’s it right? Problem solved. We can all go home and let the glow of our respective devices burn our souls into infinity… right? Apparently, and according to no one other than this author, that’s not right. It’s actually the problem. We’ve gone and done it!

We’ve gone and completely isolated ourselves from each other to the point of chronic illness. According to NPR, researchers have now deemed loneliness a chronic illness and you knows what comes after that? Pills!

More happy pills for everyone and this time they’re targeting your feelings of loneliness. Either move the phone from the front of your face to your ear and phone a friend or let the ‘researchers’ happy pills lull you to I-don’t-want-to-feel land.

Aye-yi-yi I’m so glad the universe itself keeps me with a constant case of the feels. I like feeling feelings. They are all necessary.



Loneliness isn’t just a fleeting feeling, leaving us sad for a few hours to a few days. Research in recent years suggests that for many people, loneliness is more like a chronic ache, affecting their daily lives and sense of well-being.

via Young People Are Lonelier Than Their Elders : Shots – Health News : NPR


Hear Jamila Woods song Holy here.


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