The Black Frequency Sheets

Which came first?

The fun or the funk?

Probably the ‘fun’ since the ‘fun’ is in the ‘funk’ … right? Maybe this question is better left to be debated by a starring member of the Fun and Funk respectively. Everyone’s favorite funny brother, Sinbad, and a worldclass bassist with a few Grammy’s under his belt, Victor Wooten, have collaborated to bring us funky freqs a tour to make us laugh with a touch a jazz… funk…

Or something like that!

Victor Wooten’s dynamic trio includes Regi Wooten on the guitar, Futureman Wooten (of Béla Fleck & The Flecktones), and saxophonist Bob Franceschini. Comedian Sinbad is the icing on the damn cake as far as we’re concerned and wtf is a cake without icing and how have we been having funk concerts without him this whole time? o-0

Click the video below to watch how it all came about… and keep freqin’


That’s right! It’s happening now and you can get your tickets in the city of your choosing right here.

If you can’t wait… you already know the Tube got what You need to get by… til next time.


Sinbad looks like he’s found his happy place and TBFS is damn glad!



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