It’s like he never left…

The spirit of Hell RZA is flying high as ever and TBFS has a big ass ghostbuster net to snatch it out the sky. What we gone do right now is bring you the latest… the greatest… the





We diggin’ tf outta this last mix and we had to share the flavor cause Hell RZA is cutting deep! You gotta rock a backpack, one nahlater ‘gator, one Timberland or Wallabee, a Nautica jacket, Gortex, a fisherman’s hat, and a peace medallion to listen to this one. We think they’re calling this a West Coast segment but hashtag shrug. By ‘they’ we mean Hell RZA and his playa potna and co-host of STFU Radio Show, D-E-F of course.

N T Ways…

Not only did Hell RZA Almighty manage to raise Cormega from the dust but he’s a DJ showing love to Chris Rivers and that’s just good for hip-hop dagnabit! Lady Luck shows off as per usual and there may or may not be a feature from the only Brand Nubian that matters.

Y’all didn’t know shade trees and poetrees were kinfolk 😉



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