Black Fashion Week Minnesota Is Steaming Cold AF!



Yo check it yo
In this never-ending battle to please
Niccas, magazine writers, MC’s
Who request hot shit, I freeze
And tell em where I was rose, we always said cold

-Common Sense



Black people colored the Moxy Minneapolis Uptown Hotel in shades of everything for the May 25th opening presentation of Black Fashion Week Minnesota 2018. The highly anticipated event sampled the Made In America Black Excellence collection from esteemed designer and entrepreneur, Houston White, of HW Men’s Room in North Minneapolis and Jacqueline Amissah Addison’s Akua Gabby line. The night was heavily attended by locals and those visiting from across the country to celebrate their unique fly while calculating their next fashion move while mixing in Minnesota’s coolest crowd.




The fashion event kicked off Memorial Day weekend festivities and left the city buzzing with chatter of more to come. Outside the Moxy Hotel, a soulfood truck kept the grumbles low while inside was lit with the aesthetic of colored people advancing to the grooves of the DJ pumping the latest sounds of the people. Hip-hop was a definite theme from the art decor featuring Brooklyn Legend Biggie Smalls to the hard body white tee’d brothers holding up the wall sipping brews.


I wanted to create a collection that said “We, black folks are Made in America.” We got a unique experience. Black is American. I wanted to own that flag and push back from an urban perspective.

Houston White, for Black Excellence


The dim lights of the club atmosphere didn’t obscure the strong attention to detail of Ghanian designer, Jacqueline Amissah Addison’s acclaimed Akua Gabby designs. Addison debuted her Akua Gabby collection inspired by her mother and father in the fall of 2016. Her Black Panther inspired addition evoked as many ooohs and yells for T’Challa from the crowd as a $1 movie showing (cause we’ve all seen it at least 3 times at this point).

The Black Frequency Sheets was absolutely there for Addison’s bold creative imagination. Minnesotans of all shades of proud can look forward to peacocking up Park and down Portland Avenue in some of the most daring fashion Minneapolis has seen… ever.

Socialites Portia and Melody came to slay too.

HW Men’s Room owner and founder of Black Excellence, Houston White collaborated with emcee, St. Paul Slim (aka Meyer Warren) to smack the game with an unapologetically negroidian rich, fever-pitched, anti-establishment stitched aesthetic that’s better left to be criticized by the eyes of the beholder. Sure TBFS was front and center, and we do mean front, but once we saw that pig on her ass, we thought it best to stand back and let you decide. Art can be so subjective.







St. Paul Slim, who served in the Marines, may have an extra reason to give thanks this Memorial Day weekend but his contribution to Black Fashion Week Minnesota was something we could all be grateful for. To the tune of Childish Gambino’s critically acclaimed This Is America, Houston White spun out models draped in the powerfully stated collaborative garbs, each flaunting a regal Black privilege that the designer would say is really nothing new.



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“We’ve always been excellence,” suggested Houston White, surprisingly focused amidst the glitz of Fashion Week in a TBFS exclusive. “Before we got here we were excellent. I wanted to created a brand that celebrated the culture and who we are and where we came from.”

The latest body of work from St. Paul Slim is #HysterioTypes, in which he reimagined Jay Z’s Jaybo character that of course itself, is a reconfiguration of the Sambo character propagated in 19th century America. The controversial series is a current hot topic in Minnesota and is gearing up for national exposure with the debut of Made In America Black Excellence this summer. For Houston White, it appears North High School’s best dressed of 1996’s class has proven to be an enduring fashion magnate with the best yet to come.

Black Fashion Week MN may be in it’s infancy but the infamy will live undoubtedly live in the hearts and minds of every fashionista and ‘nisto lining the catwalk that evening to bear witness. The I Am Not My Hair event is a hair and jewelry show May 30th and is next up on the calendar for Black Fashion Week MN.

We know you haven’t had your fill of ebony trill ’cause fcol whoever will? Make your way to the Monkon Sushi and Bar in St. Paul for another inhalation of Fresh.

Black Fashion Week MN
I Am Not My Hair, Black Fashion Week MN, May 30th


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The Black Freqy Tee

Turquoise like the beginning of the ocean Heather Gray like a light storm cloud or Black like the color of your true loves hair. Choose Your Color. Choose Your Size. Rock Your Freq. FREE SHIPPING.