Black Fashion Week Minnesota, Not For The Fashion Faint

black fashion week minnesota


How do you fancy Minnesota fashion? Black Fashion Week Minnesota is redefining whatever you thought about fashion in land o’ 10 stacks of lakes. Last friday night’s inaugural event at the Moxy Hotel in Uptown was ablaze with color and we do not mean the people. However the people did speak with one voice and what they said was, “It’s not that hard to stunt for the gods you came from.”


BFFs Tamiko, Nina, and Glenda blend birthday celebration and fashion fair.


Sure, some of Minnesota’s most celebrated designers like Houston White and Jacqueline Amissah Addison made bold statements on the runway. Houston White’s Made In America Black Excellence collection incorporated principled messages and bold imagery. One such piece featured a pig in a police officer’s uniform painted on the backside of a flowing skirt and was a collaboration with artist, St. Paul Jim.

Event goers more than called designers bluff as they flowed into the venue in their finest, most eclectic, imaginative and as one member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated put it, their “mood-of-the-day” ensembles. “I specifically was attracted to the fact that we’re promoting black excellence and the beauty of our skin and our culture.”

“I’m more in tune with fashion to represent my mood of the day. I don’t follow trends.”



In April, Minnesota celebrated Fashion Week and May 2018 is earmarked for Black Fashion Week in an effort of ascension to a swaggier level. The inaugural event was much attended and did not disappoint event goers, many of which were visiting for Memorial Day weekend from out-of-state.

Black Fashion Week Minnesota
New Jersey natives, Kenneth Scales and Bryan Davis crash Black Fashion Week to sample Minnesota’s finest fabrics.

One event goer, Amir, visiting from Maryland was adequately pleased at what he saw. “Right now, I really like the vibe. It’s pretty diverse. I like the atmostphere,” Amir commented. “On the outside looking in, I wouldn’t expect this but after living here for a year and a half I’ve been able to find spots like this that caters to a diverse crowd,” his friend Brent chimed in.

There were a few vendors at the event representing various organizations but not as many as one would think in the bedrock of liberalism known as Minnesota. Among them, one vendor, Rahhel, blended very well amidst the fashion forward.

“Personally I love fashion! I had to wear this shirt for my work but I cut it to make a crop-top,” offered an excited Rahhel, representing Minnesota Youth Collective. “In addition to pledging people to vote we talk about issues people care about. We listen, survey people, and we really work on those issues based on those suggestions,” she added. “Go ahead, take a sticker.”

Minnesota’s weather appropriated summer for the occasion but folks of color where dipped in varying seasonal renditions of fresh. There were fur coats, wingtips, shelltoes and aphropiks. There was Sears suckas, SB Dunks, knee-long braids, and 7-inch pumps. There was a whole lotta, lotta oils, buttas, no smoke, but their was gin. There was Hen, there was micros and styles from obvious 90s’ officianados.

Editor of HypeHair.Com, Isis w/ This Reporter.

Mostly, the event reimagined black excellence not only for fashion but the notion of community. True community was the overarching theme of the night as the show ended to the DJ spinning tunes and event goers networking to the beat of their melanated hearts.

The Black Frequency Sheets is dedicated to highlighting the works of gifted artists whenever they’re encountered. Wherever they are, we want to be there to document the creative ingenuity for all time. It isn’t always possible and a lot can be missed with so much black people magic sparking a cross-cultural artistic revolution in the world. Minneapolis held a microcosm of this light last Friday as mahogany magic flakes littered the air of the Moxy Hotel lobby in Uptown for the 1st annual Black Fashion Week Minnesota.

Whatever future events are in store, Black Fashion Week Minnesota is already off to a pretty freqin’ riveting start. The I Am Not My Hair show is next on the calendar of events.



Black Fashion Week Minnesota 2018
Socialite Kenneth Scales represents with This Reporter.



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