The Best Thing About Pushing Drake Off The Ledge!

It’s over!

It’s finally over!


You think Pusha T walked around with braids for 20 plus years not to be about that gotdamn life?

Charlemagne da God


Terry Richardson catches both guns cocked.

It is over, right?

It’s true, we have seen a rapper come back from worse. Some of us remember Nas pasting his own head back on with ether just to decapitate a camel and continue his royal reign as king of New York hip-hop. Some others are too young to remember and only see the glimmer of Bey’s husband and none of the wombs of a well fought war. Meanwhile, Nas is finally scheduled to release a new album June 2018 after a very long wait. Pusha T has the hottest thing in the streets since the crack 80s. Just like that, hip-hop is less about lil and more about more again!

Hip-hop Hooray!



If you care about authentic hip-hop then you may want to get your care bear stare ready to go. Not only are fans slated to be treated with a Nas album that will be worth the long ass wait but Pusha is probably going to have to kill the ghost of Dracula. What we mean is that… we don’t think he’s stopping anytime soon. Did you hear The Story of Adidon? We’re not going delve into black and black face beef history, but there was definite inference of a follow-up from Pusha T.

Kanye is quietly squirming his way back into the hearts and minds of the streets after his overspill of dunce earlier this year. He’ll produce 35  songs for 5 G.O.O.D. music albums including a collaborative effort with himself and Kid Cudi. God’s son, Nas, is preparing to release his highly anticipated album, God’s Son the Brave Prince of Life: My Journey, Pt. 1. If this album title isn’t screaming SEQUEL then it’s sleeping with her sister. There can’t be a part one without the two.

Ye may even give us a nice Nas and Pusha T record. Who knows?


Photo Credit:  Terry Richardson

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for Drake to push back at Pusha to hear it. For some reason, the only actor turned rapper worth mentioning just so happens to be the only one with a suspect pen. TBFS is wondering what the big surprise is here. Actors read lines all the time for crying out loud. This is what actors do. Every actor can’t also be a playwright… just doesn’t work that way.

…and hopefully,


Drake is not a part of a Disney hip-hop manufacturing mission to further indoctrinate and poison the minds of children and youth before they have the chance to become themselves. Hopefully, it is a coincidence how Drake’s music matches the zeitgeist instead of redefine it like hip-hop is known to do. Drake’s music is always on trend. Perhaps it is indeed a testament to his musical vision and brilliance. The fact that culpable evidence disappears from media quicker than a mug shot with wild eyes and orange is perhaps a miscommunication. Pusha T may or may not be alluding to Drake having Dr. Miami surgical enhance his abs.


The good news is… we will find out AND hip-hop is hip-hop again!



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