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They try to take the humanity out of the rapper. If it doesn’t fit some image of stereotypical black maleness then people are like ‘nah, I’m not with that.’ The truth is a lot of rappers would still be around if they didn’t feel they had to fit the image of a 17 year old punk.

-DLux, author of Des Writes Bars


Producers that can also rap have historically occupied rare space in hip-hop music. These artists share the unique ability of not only writing the rhymes they say but also crafting the instrumental that will best highlight their verses. To the envy of many MCs, Large Professor, Q-Tip, Kanye West, MF Doom and a plethora of others are able to enjoy a rich legacy of eclecticism that could only be attributed to their fluidity and freedom to create in lyric and sound. The highly technical MC, DLux is not widely known but is equally ambidextrous in hip-hop having cemented his imprint behind the boards and on the blue vertical line.

Desmond Spann transforms into DLux

The man born Desmond Spann is currently stumping a mudhole in the Portland music scene in the most civilized way. He teaches… hip-hop. This medium-sized professor who appropriately goes by the name DLux, has a message for the next generation of hip-hoppers: Write bars.

His new release, Des Writes Bars is his latest interpolation into hip-hop that made TBFS wonder, “TF is he gone and done now? 0-o” Since the beginning, hip-hop has been worthy of scholarly debate. In recent years, the debates have penetrated the ivy tower. Elite MCs and producers like Nas, Black Thought, and DJ Premier have received high honors from the ivy league for thier contribution to a craft based on rebellion against the exclusionary ideas some of those institutions represent. Swizz Beats even received a Harvard Degree. Talk about flipping the script!

It may have started in the park but artists that chose to infuse their craft with academic prowess usually rise above the frey. Who knows? Maybe in the next level for hip-hop will see artists taking a more direct approach to handing down game and ultimately passing the torce to the next generation.


The book released early 2018, not only emphasizes the importance of putting an actual pen to the pad but is also one man’s outpour of a deepseated love for hip-hop. A formal music education from SAE Institute in Nashville, TN better known as Music City, may have catapulted his production skills to the next level, but according to DLux, only practice and a staunch dedication to crafting great bars will help an MC’s flow.

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Of course he gave TBFS the exclusive on the details of his new book, teaching lyricism in Portland, and the emergency of promoting the art of writing in hip-hop.

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The voices in the conversation are of DLux and The Alley Angel Artist Aphropik, Chief Black Freq.


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Get a copy here


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