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DJ Ready Cee Sees Ill Dose For Dope

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Flow automatic, the sound so taunting, cock back with the left, right hand is on your dream.


Apparently, no man is a Coney Island, at least not by himself. The MC you feel the most, Ill Dose, done collaborated with right coast DJ Ready Cee to bless the underground hip-hop masses with a hella tuff tune complete with fly visuals. The grainy, authentic video accompaniment was an ill surprise from the sick left coast MC. The new single is a barrel of bars with classic appeal, to the bottom of which, TBFS had to dig… ya dig.



It’s been a minute. Ill Dose has certainly proven to be mysteriously hypersonic to hip-hop with his infinitely authentic contributions and fresher deliveries. As long as he stays consistent, his fans are here to stay whether he’s stateside or worldwide.

The new collaboration with DJ Ready Cee, Kobe, achieves the definitive Golden Era sound while infusing a dosage of ill flow that’s a little more than the doctor order… just enough to get a nice buzz. Does this mean a DJ Ready Cee and Ill Dose EP? Check back for an exclusive!

batThe video, directing by Ill Dose presents a classic New York vibe, complete with subway scenes and a very timely Sean Price reference. If that ain’t enough to convince you that this west coast cool cat can chameleon with the best of MCs… he’s holding a bat! Now how New-Wu-Fu Schnickens York is that?

DJ Ready Cee doesn’t disappoint on this one. The chorus cuts deep and between the ugly face inducing spit and spine tingling track, you may want to rock a mask and gloves just in case.

Check it out. Leave your comments below. Maybe we’ll get an exclusive from the man himself…







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