Stop Running! M.U.G.$ Teaches How To Become The Music Plug

I created my brand with knowledge from books but also knowledge of self because I am an artist.

-M.U.G.$, founder of Music Industry Crash Course



If we are indeed our own worse enemy, then we should get out of our own way. Once we step aside and let our unique freq ride, the universe opens up quicker than a stripper when you tip her. Easier said then done for many, but education is always key in knowing exactly what the next step should be. This was true for Tennessee rapper and entrepreneur, M.U.G.$. His single parent upbringing left him much to his own devices and being both self-taught and formally educated separated him from the fray when it came to gaining a momentum in Nashville’s legendary music scene.

34534757_10216616160502869_7117278009433784320_n.jpgThe Volunteer State breeds a rich sense of community and is filled with artists that embody a helping spirit. The artists featured on TBFS are no exception! Part of being gifted is recognizing need in others and finding a fly way to fullfill it. Gifted artists understand that nothing is wasted in service to a fellow sister or brother in need of love so let us tell you more about a kinder kind of M.U.G.

Lunch room freestyles and poetry competitions were a staple for M.U.G.$ and his friends that would soon unite to form Cash Millionaires, a burgeoning teenage rap group straight outta Ca$hville. The artist, born Lee Evans, and his crew would champion school rap battles and perform at local clubs on the weekend. High school was an important time of artist development for M.U.G.$ who wore glasses since Jr. high. The story sounds familiar up until one fateful club night when Lee “The Write Hook” Evans lost his glasses in a club fight. The rest of the school year meant furrowed brows and lots of squinting that his classmates mistook for a mean mug. Enter M.U.G.$.



The Black Frequency Sheets was happy mustard to ketchup with M.U.G.$ recently to talk over a classic Nashville rap career and how he’s giving back to the southern artists community. A transition from one that does to one that teaches is sure to be littered with lots of criticism. Feel free to press play or just scroll and read, either way, you gone get this game!



The proof of an effective artist is ultimately in the lives positively effected. What exactly can a rapper do for other rappers? The question is seldom asked and yet, here he is, answering tf out of it. So you see, we had to dig in my freqy friend. We are pretty used to rappers turned actors by now, but rappers turned teachers are another story and we have it right here. Press play for the story to begin. #orkeepscreading







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Most people don’t keep their high school nicknames but when you grow-up standing in the center of rhyme ciphers ironclad, you’re not most people. Cash Millionaires celebrated several contained successes in the early 2000s, becoming one of the freshest crews in Nashville, until a series of arrests and life moments left M.U.G.$ on a solo journey. Rest in peace Lil Whammy. It was time for the hitman to walk alone, but it wasn’t the first time.


You have a 100,000 views on Youtube, that’s great. If you’re not registered with Soundexchange than you just threw money on the floor. I’ll pick it up for you. Artists have to educate themselves.

M.U.G.$, founder of Music Industry Crash Course


Fortunately, his game-changer mentality didn’t leave him short on ideas. Notable appearances include opening for Nelly and even Beyonce. Multiple music awards, accolades, and album sells later, M.U.G.$ collaborated with DJ Smallz for a final solo Nashville music scene effort before making yet another important transition. With his brother incarcerated and facing a life sentence, only the wall held his back. This next phase would do more than place M.U.G.$ next to Music City’s elite movers and industry shakers. It would place him in position to give back to the industry that he felt gave him all it had.


If you just tell your story and connect with the people that share your story, you’ll win in the music industry.

M.U.G.$, founder of Music Industry Crash Course




In the TBFS exclusive interview, the artist shared exactly what drove him to relocate and why inspiring fellow artists motivated him to teach. After topping out of the Nashville music scene as an artist, M.U.G.$ decided the only way to elevate in his field would be to further his education. In 2008, he enrolled in Nashville State to learn more about the technological, social media fueled, music future in which he was about to embark. Only 2 weeks after graduating in 2010, he stepped out on faith and relocated 3 hours further south to the buzzing music metropolis of Atlanta.

Armed with valuable industry knowledge, M.U.G.$ was sure their would be a healthy demographic of hungry, up and coming artists in need of guidance. The Music Industry Crash Course was born. If anything, he knew he could help them overcome and possibly avoid many of the obstacles he endured both as a solo artist and a member of a hustling entertainment crew. “If a rapper can pay $50 to open up for YFN Lucci, then he can pay me $35 to register the venue to pay him performance royalties,” said M.U.G.$ who will soon undergo another transition as an artist after suffering yet another painful lost.




Educator & Entrepreneur M.U.G.$ teaches artists success through ownership


Whether the dream is to own a own a Fortune 500 company or work for one, success takes preparation but mainly, a step out of the way can be the first in the right direction. M.U.G.$ A Million will be hosting the next M.I.C.C. presentation June 16th at SAE Institute of Technology. Black Freq fam, DLux honed his craft at SAE Institute, a world renown center for music education and educators. See details below and ummmm… keep freqin’



Lee Evans “The Write Hook” offers Music Business Consulting, Management, and Artist Development services. Contact him for more information.






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