King Combs & Jaden Smith Reimagine A Golden Era

Jaden Smith King Combs

The 1990s in music was overloaded with originality and artist specific nuisance. It was an era where hip-hop stood in opposition to every other genre before fusing and ultimately overpowering world music culture. In fact, hip-hop disrespected tf out of other genres, specifically Soul, House, and Disco, sampling heavily for more boom baps and hits then you can impeach a president with for letting the honey drip. Those were the good ol’ Bad Boy days and since we’re all the jiggier for it, let’s see if we can’t do a do-over or something like it. Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs has a fresh King to accentuate Will Smith’s iconic prince, Jaden Smith, and together, separately, they’re re-energizing an era of inspiration over imitation.


Jaden SMith King Combs

In an otherworldly, alien-from-outerspace rap world of rockstars with more bottles of promethazine¬†than guitars, it’s much easier to see a shining light. Jaden Smith is telling everyone that he’s “been the coolest since 2012” and isn’t backing down any time soon mainly because he has a very public, public health mission.

A middle name of Syre has to mean something special and in this case, we’re all the recipients of his good will. Jaden’s music has reached over 100 million streams online and it appears the support from his fans will be recapitulated back through his plans for environmental reformation. Good shit Jaden!



Jaden Smith drops SYRE: The Electric Album July 8th and a second, Iris, later 2018. The fact that his debut album has a colon in the title speaks volumes about the complexity of this young artist that’s already contributed gamechanging art. His music and MSFTS brand is spreading like locusts and now his environmental upstarts are buzzing right along with them. The youngest son of The Fresh Prince launched Just Water, an earth friendly alternative to plastic drinking bottles, back in March. Jaden partnered with a creative director and activist from MIT, Drew Fitzgerald for the B-Corp certified venture.


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The idea of competing in a 16 billion dollar a year water industry is less ginormous when considering the genius in that there’s hardly any competition left once you take out the trash… or plastic. Just Water is pretty freqin’ affordable with containers are made out of plant-based materials and essentially paper. Jaden the entrepreneur will be in competition with similar products which leaves him almost in a league of his own with essentially… a whole lot of paper!


just water.jpg


Similarly in hip-hop, when the pink lil’ cookie cutter is taken out, broken, put it in a plastic bag and crush it with buildings, a young icon emerges to carry the torch of hope. The Black Frequency Sheets believe Jaden’s definitely on to something and we’ll be here for you to read, scroll and scread about his awetacular music and that green gangsta shit he be on.

King Combs is next

Now, look what it look like to adopt your pop’s diddy bop when Puff Daddy is your pops. #takethat


Shiny suits were seen as gimmicky even then but especially now in a Kendrick Lamar post hip-hop future. The truth is that originality is making a comeback and this could be partly because fans are sobering up or it could all be due to the next generation of hit makers reaching maturity. Who are we kidding? The opioid epidemic has blown up like the American Constitution so TBFS is voting for the latter this go round. The 90s babies are out of diapers and shaving and driving and all kinds of present progressives!

Sean Combs youngest son decided to skip his prince-hood all together and opted straight for King. King Combs is happy to oblige his father in keeping the Bad Boy legacy alive through music. We told you about the crew joint with the Paid In Full themed video but it needs to be known how true he is to the game since his father set the table for him like the Godfather.



It could be said that Puff Daddy has some very strong genes OR his impact on the game was so strong, he left an indelible blueprint that was so concrete, a close student could master it to the point of mimicry. If it isn’t that deep for you, then just do like we do and enjoy this fresh new wave of 90-inspired artists and changemakers and be edutained.

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