Kaba Kamene Asks, “What Would X Do?”

Malcolm X is an American brand.

If a national record exist, without a doubt, the square jaw line of Malcolm X is one of the most airbrushed of all times.

T-shirts, buttons, and mural sheets at African street festivals on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards across America bear his kingly, pensive face framed inside an index finger and thumb. His pilgrimage to Mecca is widely known. Malcolm X is a bestseller on the streets, in music, fashion, and movies. Truth speaker, brother Kaba Kamene, best known as the scholar that cited his sources in the popular Hidden Color documentaries, wants us to remember the life of the man behind the screen print. Specifically, Kaba Kamene wants us to remember El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, the man who came home.


If we truly want to honor our Shining Black Prince we must search our Souls and free our Minds. This documentary asks, What would El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Do today?

Kaba Kamene




Malcolm X turns 93 years old in 2018 and American children, black and white, customarily make his acquaintance through a Spike Lee Joint. The movie was so good that Denzel Washington was cheated out of an Oscar. Even white people liked the joint! Whether or not they puffed, passed, inhaled or did any combination of the three, black people were once again invited to discover self and self-love. Certainly, the argument can be made that the Malcolm X movie strongly influenced the Golden Era of 90s hip-hop that was quite dominated by MCs that identify as Muslim from A Tribe Called Quest, Yasiin Bey, Talib Kweli, Common Sense, Tariq Trotter and others. It would probably be easier to list rappers that did not identify as Muslim in the 90s.

#AnotherARTicle #4AnotherDay

The Spike Lee Joint got passed around a lot but unfortunately, the contact high appears to be wearing thin and America could use another injection. On the 25th anniversary of the movie’s release, Kaba Kamene turns the prism to reflect Malcolm’s post-Mecca, pre-Audubon Ballroom attitudes. In The X Factor: Chickens Have Come Home, Malcolm X shadows El Hajj Malik El Shabazz as he travels the world leveraging supporters and ultimately creating two organizations before being assassinated. Kaba Kamene narrates the film that’s available to audiences worldwide June 19, 2018.

Don’t wait! Get to it! Make haste!

See the film and let the discussion begin in the Reddit hallways and holy sanctuaries of social media. Don’t be the person in the comments pretending to know while having no idea. FCOL! Please don’t be the person in the comments trying to introduce new topics because it’s lit and you don’t want to leave but you didn’t see the movie so have nothing relevant to contribute. Just don’t be that person. Buy the movie and invest in keeping-it-real. #itnevergoeswrong #notreally 😉



>The X Factor: Chickens Have Come Home!<


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