The Afrocentric Asian Arrives

Iconic comedian, Eddie Murphy, chose Queens, New York to find his bride in the 90s classic movie, Coming To America. July 14, 2018 brought another King to Queens and this time, the waxing romantic was done with plenty of scratching, ill lyrics, and a side of Kanye-chops. The official listening event for the new Nas project, Nasir, was held under Queens’ Bridge, directly across the street from the projects where the rap legend was rose.



The G.O.O.D. Music family saluted hip-hop and God’s Son with the stars above and all around them for the occassion. Label President and producer of Drake Sinatra’s swan song, Pusha T, was 80% smiles and 20% gangsta braids. Jungle, Horse, and all the street disciples where out to get the drama more lit. Lala Anthony and even a Kardashian was in attendance at a Nas album release party. Let that sink in.

the-meadows-2017-ben-kaye-nas-2Hopefully, if you’re over the age of 30, we’ve done enough to help you realize that hip-hop as it was, back in the 1900s, is DEAD AF! We’re not hear to debate over who killed what when, only to let to inform the masses that whatever was considered hip-hop normality is no longer.

When DJ Khaled told us Nas’ album was done a couple years ago, we thought it meant an end to those 4 long Don-less years. Nope, Nas came back to drop The Don, apparently, just to compliment his jet-setting-silicon-Brooks Brothers lifestyle. It’s no wonder the return of Escobar season was met with furrowed brow instead of open arms. Heads is turning on the Afro-centric Asian like he didn’t write It Was Written.

Now, let’s get into this music! Nas’ new album is more hot fiyah, sure it tis, but what’s special about it? Kanye’s production is definitely something special. However, the only nicca Sade dated, the most hated is charging full thrust on joints like White Label. The heavy sample driven production is eloquently lo-fi and highly lyrical with Nas’ engine at a perfect complimentary pitter-patter.


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The 7 song album (see full track listing below) is extremely musical, not what you’re used to from a Nas album. Kanye definitely communed with his teachers on this one. The high-pitched soul lady sings just enough to warn you of impending flames but not nearly as much as a Fabolous tape. We didn’t count the notes or anything but we can assure you that there is 1000% more singing on this album than any Nas joint ever! Whether this is good or bad, we’ll leave that up to listeners.

nas-kanye-west-new-album-streamTBFS blames Kanye for the sing songiness of some tracks and there are also a shit-ton of those eerie interludey moments that you shouldn’t be confused by even though you probably will… just know that those are part of an actual song, not an interlude. *sigh

The good news is that Nas is free to roam about the cabin and stay as fly as he wants to be. “I’ve been blessed to work with two of the best brands in music,” Nas said in an official statement. “Columbia Records was how I got my start and Def Jam was where I continued that journey. In my next chapter, I am proud to say that I am signing myself to myself. I look forward to releasing many projects in the very near future with Mass Appeal’s new global partnership with UMG.”



In conclusion, Nas drops essential gems on this album as usual. Let the critics do what they do, but if your street discipleship is true and you been down since Live at the BBQ, you’ll appreciate the return of Escobar Season… finally! Do not neglect to add it to your Nas collection. Just do yourself a favor and put it between the Hip-hop is Dead and Life is Good album. We have a feeling Army jacket-Timberland-Safari hat-cigar Nas will be back soon with AZ and perhaps even Foxy to get heads all the way right… but right now… life is good.

Listen to it with a cold glass of milk so it can go down good even though it’ll give you the bubble guts a little later. Sure you’ll be all gassy… but you’ll also have some vitamin D and your bones will be strong as ox.



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