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TheRoot Begs Bey & Jay To Do A Richelieu

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Pass the collection plates people! Apparently, we have to buy back all our stuff and this time, let’s keep it under lock & key. If we come up short, there’s always that one boss couple at every black church that can even us out and Jayonce is ours… says TheRoot.


Univision Communications, a centrically Hispanic media group, is shedding pounds and apparently feeling the the beautiful struggle of existing in an everchanging cultural landscape. was parented by the company since 2016 and is already being pushed to the left, to the left if rumors are true of Univision selling the bulk of Fusion Media. Don’t think the folks at TheRoot, a publication co-founded by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., won’t take this opportunity as just that. Michael Harriot, proclaimed World-renowned wypipologist (which we think means he’s gained some insight on the oppressive collective aka white people), published a nuisanced plea that will hopefully not go unnoticed by the beehive or… idk… What are Jay-Z’s fans called?


Beyoncé, Buy The Root (and All of GMG and The Onion). It’s for Sale

-Michael Harriot


As everyday Americans feel the grunt of the gig-economy brought on by who-knows-what cause we’re not freqin’ economist and we don’t listen to talkin’ heads, corporations across industries mirror the on again, off again dance. That whole Hulk Hogan lawsuit from a while back did more to effect our daily lives than we thought. Who woulda thunk it? Black media taken out by The Hulk after all that WWF and fake beef we grew up watching on the little tv on top of the big tv. That’s right! Univision acquired GMG or Gawker Media Group for only 135 million in a bankruptcy auction as consequence of publicizing the sextape of birthdaysuited and no booted Hogan. No wonder they setting it out for regifting… they got it for cheap!

Michael Harriot wants Jay & Bey to buy TheRoot
Michael Harriot wants Jay & Bey to buy TheRoot

Not for nothing but TheRoot’s plea for black ownership is more than timely, it’s appropriate AF! With all the cries over misappropriation of this culture or the next, it’s past time for society to take ownership of respective cultures to the point where no one can even talk to it, cause it’s fuggin’ with bosses and shit. Think about it, we grew up knowing how cool we were when we saw ourselves in Essence and with its’ recent acquisition and return to black ownership, Richelieu Dennis, founder of Sheamoisture has patented a new template for corporatizing business including giving key executives (a slew of boss black women) a stake in the company and a seat at the table. Appropriate that!

It should also be noted, the stated reason behind Univisions acquisition in 2016 was to expand their reach in black America. “Like Univision, The Root aims to serve a significant segment of America’s diverse population. Our diverse communities are continuing to define the fabric of the country, from buying power, to social influence, to elections,” said Isaac Lee, CEO of Fusion in a 2015 press release.

Apparently, those diverse communities aren’t quite the buying collectives they were hoping for as Univision is picking up their pelota and kicking it home. The way Trump America is set up, the question doesn’t have to be asked of why the communications corp would want to focus on home. If ever there was a time to command your post, America 2018 is certainly one. A July 10th press release states:


Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, today announced that the Company has initiated a formal process to explore the sale of the assets comprising the Gizmodo Media Group (GMG) and The Onion.  The Company determined that pursuing a sale of GMG and The Onion collectively will allow UCI to focus on its core assets and further strengthen UCI’s position as the No. 1 media company serving U.S. Hispanics, while enabling both GMG and The Onion even greater opportunities to grow under new ownership.


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What up with it Hov? What you got on it Bey? Think about it but not too long. Go ahead and put some respect on a check to black media and let’s keep covering our stories our way. We all know the image of the scary black man and woman perpetuated on the nightly news back in the day and the age of social media, we’ve only seen a continuation of the same. Google ‘black man’ and if the top news story isn’t of how he shot someone, than it’s the new story of how he was victimized.

The story is rarely of the dash in between his birthdate and passing on. We have The Black Frequency Sheets (ahem), BlackAmericaWeb, TheRoot and ummm… yea, so very few. Days ago, the legendary Chicago Crusader wrote informatively about the disappearance of black news media but lent hope in their announcement of Publisher, Dorothy Leavell’s decision to ‘stay in the printed game.’

Michael Harriot ain’t trying to budge either. His brazen plea is front and center at as this article is written. If Richelieu Dennis can procure Essence from Time and help catapult the magazine to mirror a media company befitting the technological future, than surely Jay can spare some pocket change to diversify his already bursting portfolio. Difficult only takes a week right? Not 24 hours after Univision’s announcement, Michael Harriot let it be known that TheRoot is for sale and we want very specific leadership, Jay & Bey respectively.

“Look, if you two want to take over the universe (which, it seems like you do), the established playbook for interplanetary domination requires that you consolidate your assets into one cross-platform media empire” he writes. “I’m not writing this because I’m afraid that white people are going to find out what we’re doing over here. They’ll discover that we haven’t hired any of the whites, buy this company, institute a reverse-affirmative action policy and hire a bunch of Connors and Ambers who will eventually file a discrimination claim about the staff making mayonnaise and unseasoned chicken jokes.

This is not about me at all.

I’m just trying to help you out.



Read the full article here and let’s hope his wish is granted because their success is ours… who knows… Beyonce may want to merge her beehive with The Black Freqs one day.

We like lemonade too or whatever.

…and before the WYPIPO emails start flying… check out HuffPost Black Voices section and have a good day. Also remember it’s on and not 😉

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