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Everyone Meets A Playa Name Stones In The End

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In the beginning was the word and when it went up it landed with a thud. The type of sound a stone makes when it lands makes a great bass drum. Add some kicks and infuse homespun Tennessee soul and a foundation for a sleek, leopard-spotted mixtape from A Playa Name Stones is what’s shakin’. No need to escape this perilous world when hip-hop is here to recapitulate that shit for you in a palatable way that you can swallow or spit back hot fiyah. After all, who are we not to live to fight another day? Dig it while it’s fresh or better yet, make your way to The End, the premiere hip-hop and all around music spot of Music City located 2219 Elliston Place, across from the historic Exit/Inn.


What I drop is for my city, though I spit to the masses, ’cause I’mma spit that playa shit ’til they scatter my ashes.



Friday July 21st, A Playa Name Stones will break the frequency with his special brand of smooth-edged fly the squares can’t deny. If you’ve haven’t heard the vocal stylings of the cool ass DJ from the Ca$hville collective, BlacTime Entertainment that includes Black Freq fam Ill Dose, spearheaded by Nashville’s do-it-all-do, 28, then it’s probably because DJ Stones has been dimming his light for a few years for more than a few of his peers.

“I specialize in Old School Funk and what they would call The Golden Era of hip-hop,” lent the man himself in a recent TBFS exclusive. “I’ve been deejaying since I heard Jam Master Jay in like 1984. I cut out a little cereal box and put it under the vinyl so it’d slide back. Unplugged one speaker, used the balance, now I got a cross fader.”





Like most DJs true headz fux wit, Stones has a shit-ton of collaborations with acclaimed underground emcees including Barz Major, Chilli Sauce, and his BlacTime Entertainment family. Certainly, the DJ persona of Stones is known throughout the Netherlands of Nash but as far as the Playa of the same name goes, audiences have been a little deprived…up ’til now that is. “No features on this one, I’m preaching that whole sermon, come as you are. 28 on production,” asserted Stones.

By this one, he almost surely means The Playa Tapes 2, a highly anticipated sequel to the series debut.  “The whole family can sit down in the living room and listen and have a conversation. I talk about where the world is going, things that average people don’t even see. I’m just trying to give you a way to survive,” said The Playa. Audiences can get a live preview this Friday July 21st at The End but of course The Black Frequency Sheets will link freqs to a sneak peek in the meantime, between time for your hip-hop mind.




Get tickets here.


It’s not like we haven’t seen this before and if hip-hop has its say, and it always does, A Playa Name Stones will be wielding a microphone for years to come. After all, DJ slash rappers have the benefit of being able to author their beat selection as well as lyrics. Not like they’re cheating or nothing but let’s face it, your favorite rapper prays to DJ Quik at night and your favorite emcee hopes Q-Tip never sees another vibrant thing in his life. This is a long debated hip-hop hard fact. It ain’t hard to tell. Ask Nas or Eminem about their beat selection prowess. It’s just not fair!

So Friday, DJ Stones will let the Playa come out and… well… play.


I rhyme with a mission. I’m trying to feed my people, drop game on the youth.







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A Playa Name Stones will appear live this Friday July 21st at The End in Nashville, TN.

Get tickets here. 


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