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One Man. 40 Kids. Not His. Yours.

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None of his business really but Patriq is sticking his nose all up in societal issues because he’s apparently driven. There’s also that little part about him being one of the cooler members of noted society but wait… there’s more. Patriq James is not your er’day tastemaking social butterfly to the Nashville stars that most citizens with his pulsating singing vein, acting range, and limber dancing body would be. Nah son. He’s something else. Some other type force. Patriq’s Annual School Supply Drive is gearing up to aid and abet at least 40 youth in waging a full-on academic assault on their educational future by Betsy DeVos or high waters.

In the era of crowd-funding, this is not that, far from it. Matter of fact, Patriq is way more than a stones throw from your neighboring clout-chaser turned social media activist turned YouTube sensation… or whatever, he’s more like one multifaceted, immediately-artsy-upon-impact dude that wants to make his version of a difference. He wants you to call him (or FB Messenger him) and he’s pulling up! “Don’t hesitate to inbox me, even if you just have an extra pack of pens lying around… I’ll come to you!” insists Patriq. The drive has a Facebook page and growing buzz but not enough for TBFS!




The goal of Patriq’s donation drive is to supply at least 40 school children adequately for their first day of the rest of their lives. Many youth are striving to reach their full potential in an age of negative peer pressure times a million when you insert the shock of social media to 2018 America. Most of us remember the first day of school being the literal launching pad of our social and academic future. That first day established who was who and what was what and if you weren’t dipped you were zipped. Period.




Times have changed but not that much. Children are still under pressures to perform for their teachers and peers on the level despite their economic circumstances or background. Here’s our chance to help teachers, students, and parents close the achievement gap due to centuries of inequity left unrectified.


Here we go!!!

I AM PUSHING to get at least 40 kids everything they need to succeed this 2018-2019 school year: BACKPACKS, PENS, PENCILS, NOTEBOOKS, ERASERS, HIGHLIGHTERS, MARKERS, SCISSORS, GLUE, BINDERS, LOOSE LEAF PAPER, ETC.

There will be a ceremony associated with the presentation of all their school supplies & you will certainly be doing a great thing by allowing these kids to know that there are adults in their community that believe in their future!!!

If you want to buy supplies, I went to OLLIE’s yesterday and there was very inexpensive supplies there.


-Patriq James

If you’d like to donate to Patriq’s School Supply Drive, contact Patriq James here. It’d be ever so appreciated, welcomed, and thanked…


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  1. I can’t thank you enough for this!!! Let’s get the word out!! Supplies!! Supplies!! Supplies needed!!


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