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Gerald is 21 yo homeless living in Little Earth Minneapolis tent city

3rd Death In Little Earth Tent-city Sparks Fire In Gerald

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Mud mound. He who guards the gate of sunset. Of the mysterious voices, the mysterious voice. Shaped like an abalone shell.

These are the people I met on the side of the highway where I visited them in their homes. I almost forgot about Nikan, of the Potawatomi tribe. His name means my friend. I can’t believe I forgot about My friend. I can’t believe a lot of true things today, Thursday, October 11th. I couldn’t believe Gerald’s face got more beautiful when he mentioned his daughter. I won’t mention her but he did. I’ll just mention his beautiful face with surprising bright eyes for a heroin addict…and a sad, poor homeless person. Gerald is 21 years old and lives in the recently founded and rapidly growing tent city that sprung up along Lake St. and Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis at the top of the summer.

It started from Little Earth, which is also known as The Native Projects,  on 24th and Cedar. They had a lot of evictions last summer, I think like 22 families. They moved into 2 or 3 tents and it grew from there.

-Gerald on the Little Earth Tent City

The longer Gerald and I spoke, the more I realized my discernment was a little off and I should pray more. Gerald wasn’t sad or poor he was on mission. The native community in Minnesota has been pulsing at the threshold for years and the dam done broke! The genocide is spilling out into the streets in new ways. Gerald isn’t a card-carrying member of a traditional tribe but if you ask him if he’s native he’ll agree with a loud, proud, “NAH!” …meaning yes. The N.A.H. tribe is new and means Native Against Heroin, the group grew out of several local tribes’ disdain for the debilitating epidemic. “We have to fight back,” said Gerald. “We can’t just die out here.”

Gerald with Chief Black Freq, Aphropik

The opioid crisis has run through Minnesota’s Native American community like a Fela Kuti trombone train with no plans on stopping anytime soon. The most recent death in the homeless community was a mother of eight children after several attempts to revive her were made in her tent by EMT. TBFS is with the shyts if no one else is (as per usual). Why more media outlets (including the fru-fru social media gossippy ones) dgaf about what’s happening to the Natives in Minnesota is beyond us. We have our theories but we don’t want to believe us on this I CAN’T BELIEVE IT Thursday. Minnesotans have finally and passive-aggressively “Nice’d” their way into complete troglodytic calcification. I don’t know if this galaxy’s sun can do much for their pineal glands at this point. #Civilityisover


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It started with just 2 tents, according to Gerald, that were occupied by recently evicted tenants of Little Earth, more than 9 acres of supposed Native American land in south Minneapolis with a subsidized housing development on it. “There are little white notes on all the doors where people have been evicted,” said Gerald. The people left their apartments and continued to occupy the land surrounding the housing development mid 2018 and now there are more than 300 men, women, and children of diverse ethnic groups lining the highways in a living demonstration of civility by any means.

I know this is a temporary circumstance for me. I know that.

Gerald on his stay in Little Earth’s tent city.

Pillars of flowerpots and pretty paisley rugs mark the entrance of tents and others have set up libraries and make-shift mailboxes for themselves in the newfound community. The community’s leaders? One large tent sits in the middle where founding members of Natives Against Heroin convene meetings and themselves reside. The community wars on despite the clear resistance of the city to uphold its own fair housing laws because of course it only matters that Minnesota ‘appear’ concerned and the psuedo-liberalism marches on to suck the tits of the mighty timberwolves

Gerald’s story and full interview is coming soon to TBFS and if you have a pulse, you don’t want to miss it.

Stay (in)tuned. Keep Freqin’.





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