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Daaamn! The Ruler Is Richer Than You Thought

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I’ve been in this jewelry game for a minute… since the very beginning…

Slick Rick


The Ruler



excuse us



The Rich Ruler returned to give us a long-awaited tour of the pieces of bling that made him the envy of all for decades. If you didn’t want to rock it, you wanted to touch it. If you didn’t want to touch it, you wanted to take it! Besides his the historically heavy flow, the London born MC, Slick Rick is known for amazing jewelry that tells as much a story as his immaculately precise bars.


In the early 1980s, the government surely implanted some serious subliminals with TV shows like M.A.S.H. and The A-Team as staples in many black households. Mr. T became an unsung hip-hop hero having inspired rappers to copy his layered gold chains and kingly demeanor. It wasn’t long before LL Cool J, Big Daddy K.A.N.E., and others looked more like African Kings than niggas and a conscious era of hip-hop rightfully ensued.


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Hip-hop was headed for self-destruction but redirected itself with kujichagalia. The era continued into the 90s ushering even more conscious MCs like Black Star and Common. It happened before, so we know… it can happen.

Who does Slick Rick think is carrying on the tradition of classic bling the righteous way? Check out the video below courtesy of GQ but before you do… you may need your stunnas for this one… The Ruler is riiiiiiiich!



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