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WHOA BUDDY! Thanks for stopping to shop but we need to do a little REconstruction real quick.



We’ll get it going before the buying season… no worries! You can still purchase our signature Black Freqy wear in the meantime at a limited discount ($5 off, price is as displayed below) while supplies last, inbetween time… Clementine

-chief black freq, aphropik







Freqy Tee

Turquoise, Heather Gray, or Black? Choose size S, M, L, XL (2xl Sold Out) FREE SHIPPING For the freqy doers of their do! 2 for $35











Freqy Cold Summer Hoody

You know what it is! Freqy Hoody time is here and this year we decided to keep calm with Boogie Brown and Sunny Day Gray. Get 2 for $50 for a limited time and as always FREE SHIPPING on er’thang in The Freq Shop. Indicate S, M, L, XL, or XXL and quantity at check out.



Aphropik j-walks in Boogie Brown Freqy Hoody Minnesota Winter 2017


Keep Freqin’

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