The Black Frequency Sheets

     Aphropik is an artists’ artist arting art acting on energy absorption recapitulating for her part, to the masses. Whoever consumes cross the classes is active, activated after all the levels demonstrated. Long sentence short, she’s a writer. One of those writing snobs that patiently come to words with rubber gloves and feather dusters. Web content is created for various publications and there’s also the band. They jam.

     The two, Dolo and Pik, write together and take on clients that want to expand their consumer base through strategic journalism and sole source brand marketing techniques. We specialize in result based relationships with our clients and allies. We are also some pretty ill emcees. That doesn’t mean you contact us when you want to market your new flavored water to black people. It does mean you hit us up if you want to vibe good, breath easy, and live a busy life.

     It’s all we want.

The Black Frequency Sheets is an artists driven blogosphere that seeks to put light in the dark. What does that mean to us? It means that we seek to highlight uniquely gifted artists and their art. We want to share their stories, goals, ideas and connect them with people that need to breath what they offer. Enjoy reading artists profiles and whatnot and feel free to support and follow these artists. That’s it.


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The Black Frequencies    Est 2015

Trick Off On The Freqs

What is Pik up to?

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