Shout out to 2018 But TBFS Gives Thanks For All The Rest in 2017

The internet is under terroristic attack by none other than our own Government, the figure-dickhead of which is drunk on the perception of power and the actuality of idiocy. Women collectively decided Trump was the culmination of a steady trajectory of male dominated, co-signed, and orchestrated destruction of everything sacred and said ‘enough is enough!’ ‘What she said!’ and ‘me too!’

Talk About Bad 2016

Before we can wrap our shiny new America in a bow and think of handing it down to the next millennials, let’s take a moment to sit in our collective realism. Prince passed and Jay-Z got gassed, Trump left the country in a slump, Mariah can’t sing all of a sudden. SMDH. Let’s talk about Bad 2016!